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Dude with 2 Dicks fuck Both her Holes

Im not sure if having two dicks would be a blessing or a curse. Do you get 2x the pleasure? Can you cum from both? I’m sure a lot of girls would be pretty turned off by it but if you find that right one, like this double dick dude did you can ram both […]

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5 Disney Princess Porn Cosplays

Most of us grew up watching Disney movies. Those movies filled our little imaginations with the limitless possibilities that life has to offer, and filled our hearts with the spirit and magic of great story telling. And then, we grew up and became wretched porn thirsty adults, and so it’s only natural that Disney porn […]

Date: September 20, 2018 - Views: 0 views - Category: Funny

Naked Slip N’ Slide Porn

I don’t think anyone can argue how fun slip n slides are. It’s hot out, you’re having some beers with friends and someone spits out the brilliant idea “Let’s pull out the slip n slide”. Friends, beer and a slip n slide. Sounds like a great time. As usual, naked girls add to any one […]

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Strange Animated Porn Videos

Since the last animated porn post we did was so popular, i decided to make a part 2. Im not sure what kind of people are actually into this shit, or maybe it’s just captivating because of how strange it is. Here’s the part 2 of that post, which i believe to be even stranger […]

Date: September 18, 2018 - Views: 0 views - Category: Funny

Clownin’ Around – Clown Fucks a Shemale

Deciding to become a clown for a living might not be best way to ensure a bright future. But hey! It’s a living and if that’s your dream then who am I to judge? Unfortunately due to the low demand for clowns in today’s modern marketplace this clown found himself having to turn to porn […]

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Dude in High Heels Rides a GIANT Dildo

Shoving things in your ass is a slippery slope, apparently. And this dude has been sliding down that slope for quite some time it would appear. I personally can’t imagine going to such “lengths” to pleasure myself but hey, to each their own! The high heels are a nice added touch…

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6 Weird Japanese Game-Show Porn Videos

Japanese porn is known for its “weirdness” and so what better subject to use on PornViral than Japanese porn? A sub niche of Japanese porno is “Japanese Gameshow porn” which usually takes the level of weirdness up a few notches, but sometimes weird can be good. What do you think? Are they just plain weird […]

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This is your brain on drugs…

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