Best Sex Toy Shop to Get Your Lubricant Needs this 2020

Vaginal Lubricant

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Do you use lubes during sex? 

Well, it’s probably best that you do because lubricants are necessary to achieve safe sex

While it’s true that you’re doing the deed (sex) to experience enjoyment and satisfaction, it’s more important to do it safely — and lube is one of the biggest factors for safety in sex. 

It’s easy to get your hands on this product because you can buy them in various local stores. However, they might not have a lot of options to choose from, so it’s highly likely that you’ll settle with what’s available.

Fortunately, there’s an adult toy store on the internet that offers everything that you need when it comes to sex including lubricants — it’s called Jerk Toy!

What is Jerk Toy?

Jerk Toy

Jerk Toy is an online sex store where you can find anything that’s related to sex. It sells lingerie, men’s adult toys, women’s sex toys, and of course, lubes!

Name it — they seem to have it all for you!

Why are lubes necessary in practicing safe sex?


There are several reasons why lubricants are must-haves during sexual intercourse. 

First, in doing either anal or vaginal sex there are apparently times that the area is very dry. Lubes can help moisten those parts of your body and help them stretch properly as a sex toy or a penis is inserted. 

Using lubricants can also decrease friction and rubbing as the manhood or dildo goes deeper into the cavity. 

Are you into the “pain as pleasure” category of sex? 

It might be erotic and quite nasty to experience a little bit of pain, but it’s probably best that the pain you feel will not turn into a long-term problem. 

Too much friction on your sensitive areas can lead to fissures and tearing. That’s horrifying, right? 

Fissures happen when there are tears on the vaginal or anal cavity lining — and those can cause discomfort or even bleeding during intercourse. 

Aside from that, you might also increase the risk of spreading HIV and sexually transmitted infections or STIs. 

Moreover, experiencing chronic anal fissures may require surgery which can make recovery and bowel movements unpleasant and painful. 

Do you and your partner always use protection or condoms when making out? 

Condoms can allow you to have safe sex but without lubrication, you might still have the same problem. 

Using lubes on condoms can make it more effective and lessen the possibility of breaking or ripping due to friction.

With that said, now is apparently the right time to purchase some lubes on Jerk Toy!

Types of Lube

Types of Lubricants

Lubes are not one size fits all. It means that you have to choose the right type for you to reap its benefits. 

In fact, there are specific kinds you need to use for various body types and condom types. 

Below are the different types of lube on the market and on Jerk Toy. 


Warming and Cooling Lubricants


Let’s start with the newest trend in the industry today. Since it’s a novel product, you might want to test it first before using it during intercourse to ensure that it doesn’t cause any discomfort to your anal or vaginal area.

It’s also highly recommended that you read the product’s label to determine if it’s safe to use for butt play as some brands might have a few restrictions.


Oil-based lubricants


Are you not comfortable with using condoms? 

Oil-based might be suitable for you because it’s best used by individuals who are not fond of putting condoms during intercourse. 

If you are using protection, it’s probably better that you choose another type. Oil-based lubes can make the condom porous which means that there’ll be a higher risk of infection. It can cause ripping and tearing and is even difficult to clean afterward. 


Natural Lubricants

Lubricant squeezed


Are you allergic to certain chemicals? 

Don’t worry because there’s also a lubricant that is designed for you. Other types of lubes can have various chemicals that might cause allergic reactions. 

That could cause discomfort and could be an unpleasant experience, right?

These natural lubricants are typically aloe-based so they don’t usually cause allergies. 

To ensure your safety during the entire deed, it’s probably best that you check the product’s label to determine which type of condom you can safely use.


Flavored Lubricants


Do you enjoy oral sex? 

Well, a lot of people do. 

Would you want to give your oral moments a brand new flavor — literally?

If that’s so, flavored lubricants might be a viable option. However, beware of the sugar content because it might cause yeast infection. 

Apparently, it’s only for oral sex and not suitable for your lady parts. 


Silicone-based lubricants


If you’re into adventurous sexcapades, maybe this type will suit you perfectly. You can use it in the bathtub, the shower, and other environments because it’s waterproof!

It has fewer chemicals compared to other types (like water-based lubes) and can last longer during sexual intercourse. It’s because its ingredients are not easily absorbed by the body, unlike other lubricants. 

However, you might not want to use silicone-based lubes on silicone adult toys because they can break down the play-thing or even cause permanent damage. 

It’s highly advised that you use this kind of lubrication with latex condoms. Still, it’s perhaps best to read the label as compatibility can depend on the product’s brand. 

Tip: Always read the instructions to stay on the safe side. 


Water-based Lubricants


If you love having sex as often as you can, you might need to stock up on lubricating products. 

But that can be quite expensive, right? 

If you’d like to save money, you can get water-based lubes instead of other types. They are cheap, work well with most condoms, and can easily be cleaned or washed. 

Do you also love incorporating sex toys during foreplay

You can use water-based lubricants with adult toys as well because they don’t break down the toy’s materials. 

The only downside is you might need to reapply the lube during intercourse since it doesn’t last long. 


Jerk Toy has a myriad of choices for your sexual needs. Visit Jerk Toy now and check out the available types of lubricants in this online store. Who knows? You might not just purchase lubes but also other sex-related stuff!

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