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Reddit Phat Ass White Girls

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Who wants some Phat Ass White Girls right now? Just go on Reddit and you’ll get a plethora of them.

Call them what you want because these girls are surely going to light up your day with their hotness. Their skin tone already illuminates. Wait until that ass shines!

You’ll see a lot of bubble butts as we go on with writing this piece. There isn’t anything to miss about these hotties. You’ll surely get back at them again and again until it saturates you.

We are with you here all the way as we bring to you 100+ pics of phat ass white girls on Reddit. It’s about time we get rear-ended for a bit and savor that ass!

Ready? I sure as hell am!

Welcome to Reddit Phat Ass White Girls

Welcome to the phat ass white girls subreddit where you are shined with butt cheeks that can double as paper when you run out of a sheet to write your notes on. Even fangirls want their white asses signed by their favorite rockstar during an autograph session.

It’s all about the specific type of ass in this subreddit. While it is color-focused on the whites, we can’t help but wonder how they are able to give some ebonies and Latinas a run for their money in the booty department.

There’s a twinkle in their ass that makes us want to insert ourselves into the tingle in their loins. You’d rather have them go commando all the time so that it’s easy to go straight to the hole when you strip them down.

Reddit has done a good job compiling these white asses because a lot of guys are craving for that innocent-colored skintone. No matter how slutty or skanky these girls can be, their asses seem to look innocent.

It reminds me now of my ex-girlfriends because some of them have the whitest asses I have ever seen. Not even my hookups can match that. Well, to be fair, it was all in high school so the asses were fresher and pretty smaller back then.

Oops, this isn’t the story yet. I just want to establish that the asses on this subreddit are bigger and finer. That means you’ll want them more than those blonde white tiny cheerleader asses the jocks settle with.

I was a jock myself and I sure as hell scored better on the pale ass department than my other teammates. Which leads me too to the first story.

Spank that phat ass!

Big asses crave spanking. Moreso when you are dealing with a phat ass white girl with such flawless skin on their glutes. Every spank of my beefy hand leaves a red mark of the same shape.

I like playing around with pale asses because I always leave a spank mark that they love taking a picture of after. It’s like a hickey to them in terms of crowning glory (or humiliation sometimes).

Obviously, my first encounter with phat ass white girls was in high school. While I was hooking up with cheerleaders from opposing teams, I also was hitting on such white girls in the gym. Of course, I was irresistible with my baby face and nice muscle tone so you know what it meant.

I took this phat ass white girl out for drinks after our gym session. With fatigue comes getting drunk easily. Good thing I had more endurance so she got drunk first.

More on that later…

Flaunting that ass

If you have it, flaunt it as they say. I would be proud if my girlfriend becomes a regular and consistent contributor on this subreddit. She’s already getting catcall comments on her wholesome Instagram photos so what difference will Reddit make?

Besides, I want the world to know that the ass these pervs are salivating upon is the ownership of the greatest dude that is currently alive! Enough of making it about me though.

This subreddit is good enough to make sure you get a plethora of butts that you will enjoy. Imagine the triggers to your libido with every scroll knowing you are faced with a flawless ass.

Maybe it’s time to reconsider who you want twerking on TikTok. While the ebonies and Latinas are slaying it with their natural bottom asset, there are white girls that will give you a run for your digital currencies too!

It is possible that some of the girls on this subreddit are cam girls known for their big ass. At least they are dominating their digital presence by snapping those selfies for that additional Reddit clout they can take to their streaming sites.

I know you’ve been waiting for part 2 of my story as well so here’s where epic happens…

Spank that phat ass (part 2)

Everything was consensual so there isn’t any problem. I am confident enough to message her right now and she will admit we hooked up. I’m digressing for my safety here first!

So, the next day, I got a text from her that her boyfriend saw a spank mark on her butt. Not only was I surprised that she cheated on her boyfriend for me (I don’t blame her), but she also doesn’t do many actions with her boy.

I felt like such a boy toy at that moment but being a high schooler, I considered it my crowning glory but I made sure to only brag it to the right people because I want to protect the girl’s freedom since I was a minor back then.

Still, the best part of it all was the hand mark and the insecure boyfriend breaking up with her for seeing it.

Final words on Reddit Phat Ass White Girls

You’re already presented with ideas based on my story and based on what I can say about this subreddit. It’s about time you make your moves because booty like that from a phat ass white girl don’t stay single for long.

It’s not like you have to make them your girlfriend. Enjoying them in sight and in might alone is enough to show them how hot they are. Besides, they already know that since they agreed to have such pics posted on Reddit.

I’m not sure how these booties are Instagram-safe but I am already getting ideas on where Dan Bilzerian’s assistant scouts for talent. His brand is filled with these booties so you might as well snag one yourself.

Instead of paying for those porn subscriptions, why not treat this subreddit like a dating site and see how you can score on a phat ass white girl. I won’t encourage using Reddit for the sole purpose of hookups though.

Still, once you’re in, then you will surely want more than just the ass. Especially once you check r/BigAsses.

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