Couple Having Sex on A Plane

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Parents filmed a couple having sex on plane to Mexico! The viral video has over 6 millions views on Twitter! Watch below:

I think we can all agree that plane rides are boring and uncomfortable. The in-flight movies displayed on tiny screens hardly do the job of holding your attention and the cramped seating just makes the whole experience “something to get over with”.

It’s usually impossible to catch some solid sleep to pass the time as well, so, this couple found a way to make their in-flight entertainment a little more entertaining. Not giving any fucks what-so-ever the couple began shagging at the back of the plane while another couple filmed it. So that’s at least 4 people who’s flight became a little more interesting than usual.

I can’t go around preaching on how bad these people are, in fact iv’e come pretty close to having this experience myself. The couple is now officially in the mile-high-club which in case you didn’t know is a real club, if you’re interested in joining or want to tell your tale you can check out the official page here:

For the rest of this article we’re going to celebrate that couples love by posting some other videos of people getting their groove on while soaring above civilization.

Other videos from people having sex on airplane

Real Latina Stewardess gets Shows all in Airplane Bathroom

Here’s a sexy self shot video of a stewardess showing off her tits, pussy and ass in the airplane bathroom. The great thing about this video is that it seems legit. We’ve all gawked at hot stewardesses from the “comfort” of our seat, wishing we could do unspeakable things to them. This video lets you tap into that fantasy a bit by watching a real stewardess strip down and get nasty while on duty.


Hot Blonde Teen Masturbates in Airplane Bathroom

Here’s another fine example of someone who clearly got fed up with the in-flight movies and decided to take matters into her own hands. The bathroom is the only bastion of privacy on a plane and this beautiful blonde babe used it phenomenally to fend off her boredom.

The Sins – Blowjob on Airplane Seat

This man clearly found the woman of his dreams. It takes balls to whip out your, uh, balls on an airplane. Not even in the bathroom this time. Right out there in the public area with all the other passengers sitting around. We salute these two for finding creative ways to enjoy their flight, the BJ truly does look phenomenal too.

Mia Bandini Getting Railed on a Plane

She was innocently trying to pass the time on her boring flight by catching a snooze. Her boyfriend, who clearly wasn’t sleepy had other plans. He woke her up by grabbing her tits and rubbing her pussy. The couple then continued their escapade in the bathroom. This post really makes you wonder about the sanitary quality of airplane rest rooms…

Mia Bandini Getting Railed on a Plane Part 2

Porn Scenes in the Air

We couldn’t in good conscience leave you without some porn scenes filmed on planes. Yes, they are fake but super high quality and the storylines are absolutely riveting. That’s why we watch porn anyway isn’t it?

We hope you enjoyed this post about people having sex on planes. Hopefully it has inspired those selective few who’re daring enough to provide the internet with more content like this. From a spectators point of view it’s simply fun to watch people dis-obey the rules and have sex wherever they feel like it.

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