Female Patient Gets Fingered by Her Gynaecologist

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If there is one thing we love about the Japanese, it’s their creativity in turning any typical work day into a hardcore porn scene. This time, it is at the doctor’s office.

A male doctor who specializes in gynaecology is actually not a rare find. As to how women could find themselves spreading their legs for their male gynaecologists, we’ll never know. It can be puzzling to some when a woman chooses a man to check her lady bits.

However, the female in this video seems unfazed. She still chose this male doctor to check her private parts. And since we are talking about porn here, of course it didn’t end in a professional way.

Okay. Maybe you don’t like teens as patients. What about pregnant women? They often visit their gynecologists for consultations. surely something is bound to happen?

These videos make you wanna think if the price of working hard to finish med school is worth paying for the opportunity to see and finger pussies every day.

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