Here’s What Happens When Alternative Gone Wild On Reddit

Reddit Alternative Gone Wild

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What happens when Alternative Gone Wild? It’s like saying expecting the unexpected with this anonymous exhibitionism on Reddit.

This subreddit is a place where the average cutie you see out there shows a little bit more of themselves. If you are thinking about the nudes they send to the inbox of their boyfriends, this might be it.

What else can we find on r/AlternativeGoneWild? That’s why we are here to talk about this subreddit of all things kept secret. Why is it called such though?

Maybe it’s time we discuss what happens when Reddit gets filled with Alternative Gone Wild girls.

Welcome to Reddit Alternative Gone Wild

Reddit’s Alt Gone Wild is home to girls with arts all over their body be it tattoos, piercings, or any form of bodily mutilation for the sake of art. I’m not here to judge or discriminate against body art fans because all these are better than self-harm.

This subreddit is a means of celebrating anonymous exhibitionism where there are no boundaries on what you can share for as long as the secret is safe.

The thing about the cuties here on this subreddit is that they certainly know they look good. Combine that with their love for body art and you’ve got yourself a subreddit entry.

There might be a reason these girls are here. Apparently, it may not be purely hookups or seeking clout. These types of girls frequent tattoo cons and pose the same way in front of live crowds.

Since most social media sites would delete such pictures, they flock to Reddit instead and create a community there. They’ve been successful with doing so too since it’s the only place to go to.

An alternative story

Once upon a time in an alternate universe… just kidding. It was just in an alternate plot where I found myself hanging out with goths.

You can’t blame me for being the ultimate friendly jock in high school. My best friends were geeks and the goths were on that level too. That meant I also had access to a lot of these types of girls.

While it all starts with subtle ink, some of them just know what spots to hit and have tatted on. Since I was a multi-sport athlete/nice guy, I had the privilege of getting the best of all the girls in school. Some wanted to earn campus cred while others were of my own pursuing.

The story starts in a tattoo parlor where we were playing dare with my goth friends. I am not a fan of ink but apparently, we had a classmate who does her duty at the front desk of the tattoo studio. She’s probably also the one with the most ink on campus.

Where does the story start? It’s when this seemingly cute but then lightly inked classmate of ours was going to go off-duty. She knew I hate tats so while the artist was busy with one of my goth friends, I decided to be busy as well during her break.

In the vacant room in the studio, we went at it with her even teaching me how to use the inker to draw anything I want on her thigh. Good thing I know Greek so I did Greek symbols on her.

As for the sex, what else did you think happens? No need for further explanation there.

When alternative goes wild

There’s a time in a person’s life where they go through some sort of a life crisis. It has brought such flawless people to tamper with their skin thinking it is art.

As I said, there’s no judgment here. It’s simply a question of wonder whether these girls knew what they were doing. They sure have a clear shot at being supermodels but chose to be a different type of model.

They might have been described as an alternative for traditional or flawless beauty. It’s not that they aren’t hot. It’s just that they chose to handle that meter differently.

It shows in their pictures on the subreddit. They are heating up Reddit and the dirt bikers are probably on their toes already seeing how they can drop DMs on these girls

The only problem is that I already beat them to it whenever I choose to go alternative from time to time. No harm is done. I just want good talks.

That’s coming from a guy who always scores hookups with no miss.

Speaking of tattoo conventions

I told you earlier about some of these girls posing the same way in tattoo events. It’s something they seem to be passionate about. It’s the same way as me being passionate about sharpening my game.

The best part of going to these events is that you can spark up a casual bump-in because sexiness is considered a norm. If you are familiar with picking up a hired gun, that’s what I did minus the Erik Von Markovic douchebaggery.

It was in one of the booths of my goth friend who now owns his own tattoo studio. He’s quite the artist already since he took up fine arts and focused on body art. I modeled for henna since I don’t do real ink.

He also had a plethora of cuties like the ones you see on r/AlternativeGoneWild too. That said, I knew I was in prime opportunity to strike.

It was the last day of the event so I knew I could do anything I want with anyone right after. I chose one of my friend’s models, who also happens to be a former supermodel.

Again, there’s no need to explain to you what happened after. Just to feed you in some more, we ended up renting the hotel out for three more days just so we can enjoy each other and our performances.

The bottom line on Alternative Gone Wild

Using the story I just told you, it’s not hard to understand why these girls have a niche they successfully hit. Looking that gorgeous won’t go unnoticed even if a face full of tattoos cover it.

Then, there’s the body which is also covered in ink. That said, you might want to reconsider your choices in women. These women are brave enough to break norms. How much more if it’s breaking a few rules to hook up with you?

Now, if you are interested and down with that, you may also want to check r/HotChicksWithTattoos for similar artworks and masterpieces.

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