Pornstar Nacho Vidal Arrested on Manslaughter Charges

nacho vidal

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A ritual caused a man’s death and Pornstar Nacho Vidal is suspected to be behind the whole thing.

Authorities arrest the Spanish pornstar on manslaughter charges. A July 2019 manslaughter incident was the cause of the arrest.

The Spanish pornographic actor allegedly caused a man’s death after doing a ritual which included the victim inhaling a poisonous substance.

Police arrest Nacho Vidal

Police arrested Nacho Vidal under the suspicion of manslaughter and violation of public health practices.  They detained Vidal last week in the southeastern Valencia region following an 11-month inquiry.

Authorities identified the victim as fashion photographer Jose Luis Abad. Abad who died of a heart attack after inhaling a pipe filled a psychedelic toad venom, which led to the photographer’s untimely demise.

Police also arrested one of Vidal’s relatives and an employee.

What did Nacho Vidal do?

Investigators discovered that Vidal and his group were doing the rituals on a regular basis. Vidal allegedly invited people to try out such rituals as it was said to have medicinal benefits.

It turns out that this apparently harmless ancestral ritual actually poses serious health risks, according to investigators

The ritual influences people seeking alternative healing methods for illnesses or addictions. Their call for help renders them vulnerable to take part in these practices.

Vidal was carrying these rituals in his country residence, according to the press.

What caused the man’s death?

The police said that the victim was celebrating a mystic ritual when Abad inhaled bufo alvarius toad venom. Police began their operation following the Abad’s death.

The Sonoran Desert is home to the bufo alvarius is a rare toad species. It is native to an area that stretches from northern Mexico into California and Arizona. This toad secretes a venom called 5-MeO-DMT which is a very powerful natural psychedelic substance.

The venom’s effects have been compared to a substance from the Amazon called “ayahuasca.” It is a powerful hallucinogenic concoction consumed as part of a shamanic ritual.

Not Vidal’s first crime

Spanish police arrested Vidal and his sister María José Jordá González in Barcelona in 2012. Authorities suspected the two were part of money laundering and tax evasion rackets. The police raided over 100 businesses in Madrid and Barcelona connected to the Chinese mob.

A Spanish National Court-led sting implicated Vidal’s movie studio Nacho Vidal Productions with counts of flight of capital and tax evasion. Vidal also worked with his sister in issuing false invoices from the movie production company.

Vidal is one of the most notable suspects arrested according to newspaper El País.

Nacho Vidal’s porn career

Vidal started his porn career in 1994. He and his girlfriend Sara Bernat worked in the live porn club Bagdad of Barcelona, where they performed live sexual acts.

Barcelona International Erotic Film Festival director José María Ponce introduced Vidal to porn films.

In 1998, Italian pornographic actor, director, and producer Rocco Siffredi brought Vidal to Hollywood in 1998 as his protege.

The 46-year old Spanish pornstar appeared in over 1,500 movies for his porn film career. He also directed and produced many other projects. Although heterosexual, Vidal has directed gay porn films as well.

Vidal also starred in mainstream projects in his native Spain such as Spanish TV series Los Simuladores and Spanish movies Va a ser que nadie es perfecto, El Alquimista Impaciente and Impávido.

Vidal announced his retirement from pornography in 2005.

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