Reddit Asshole Gone Wild Top Nudes of All Time

Reddit Asshole Gone Wild

Anal fans will definitely enjoy Reddit Asshole Gone Wild. Nothing beats sneak peaking into a backdoor. Consider it your shortcut!

What’s so special about the asshole though? It’s dirty, it’s stinky, and sometimes it just feels disgusting to think off. You wouldn’t even touch your own butt at times, right?

Well, for these women, it tends to be different. They happen to enjoy being fucked in the butt and apparently, men do too since they had the confidence to post their wild assholes on Reddit.

Now, before we spill out some of the yuck, let’s try to make it as light as possible as we bring to you the top Asshole Gone Wild nudes of All Time.

Welcome to Reddit Asshole Gone Wild

We’re stating too much of the obvious here already by talking about what this subreddit is all about. Let’s just make an assumption on its purpose.

Obviously, as you have followed our PornViral posts for the past few months, you will see how many niches and sub-niches of porn there is on Reddit. I’ve lost count, to be honest.

The number of writings we’ve done on anal alone is already enough to fill up a septic tank full of waste products. That may have sounded like a weird metaphor but aren’t asses all about shit anyway?

Well, at least these people are making an effort for you to appreciate anal more. Besides, buttholes tend to be tighter than the pussy depending on usage.

Maybe we should rely on stories instead, shall we?

Anal story

Since it’s the first story, it might also be fit that I tell the story of my first ever anal experience. It started with a mere exploration.

Since I knew I wouldn’t have it done to me because I am 100% confident in my sexuality, I decided to get it from the easiest and most experienced person possible, a prostitute.

Of course, I wouldn’t have done it with an unsafe undocumented one that they pimp out on the streets. I traveled to Amsterdam for this!

You know that weed and prostitution are legal in their red-light district. I had to semi-numb my senses with weed before plugging my huge white sausage inside a gravy-filled butt. Eeeew!

Surprisingly, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. There isn’t much of a yuck factor since I was the first customer of the day. This was a few months after college by the way so I was there age-wise.

It’s easy to snag a prostitute in Amsterdam. You can literally see them displayed like the windows in boutiques along Beverly Hills. I even suggest that you go to Amsterdam if you are that anal-curious.

Not only was the experience an eye-opener to me in terms of my sexual arsenal, it also made an imprint on me that if I like a girl a lot more, then I must butt-fuck her.

Rimjobs galore

It’s like rimjobs galore on r/AssholeGoneWild. If the pussy is a boner garage, then the asshole should be the backyard.

Well, the subreddit just goes to show how many women are willing to have it taken from behind. Forget getting head, forget being the man on the bottom. They like it from behind and you have to give it to them.

It really feels fun when you ride the back of a girl lying face-down on a sofa with her legs spread out and her asshole ready to be fucked. All you need to do now is wear your cowboy hat and giddy up her butt.

You can also be the receiver with such buttholes. They can be the ones to giddy-up and do a reverse cowgirl on you. One thing you shouldn’t do after giving it to her is taking a blowjob. She might kiss you and all her shit will be in your mouth.

Sorry about the graphic wording here. It just goes to show how sensitive the topic is. Only a confident and brave man like me can talk about things like this the way I do.

Teach Me How To Doggie

Nope, it isn’t the Cali Swag District song. It was something that went with a cross between jazzy and post-grunge. I actually had a Tinder swipe that was supposed to be on the app for pure serious wholesome marriage-seeking dates but wasn’t able to resist my charms.

She was a virgin who was the typical “saving myself for marriage.” Well, it rarely exists nowadays especially when you get a cross between a gentleman and a Cassanova like I am.

So, onto the story, her first time was actually an anal. I was shocked when after our dinner date and I was holding her hand and walking her back to her luxury apartment, she told me “teach me how to doggie.”

I knew girl codes a lot and that was my cue to zone in and do my thing. She actually had the sex drive of Samantha Jones in Sex and the City. All that pent-up virgin libido was poured all on me. It just felt funny that her butt was the one devirginized first before the pussy.

How did this story end? Well, she actually became one of my longer-time girlfriends. It was even she who decided to try seeing other people. We remain good friends to this day.

Sometimes with the benefits included. *wink**wink*

Final Thoughts on Asshole Gone Wild

If there’s one thing about girls who give away their assholes, they sure are wild. My story was a very special case since she was a very special person.

You can back fuck a girl all you want for as long as their ass isn’t prolapsed yet. It’s actually inevitable if you have too much. Good thing there aren’t prolapsed anuses on this subreddit.

I wish these girls can get more creative with how they flex their assholes. It sometimes may look too disgusting when the aesthetic isn’t that pleasing.

I’ll be honest, I cringe whenever I watch anal porn. I’d rather look at her back dimples whenever I fuck her from behind. The sight of their backs looks better once the dick enters the ass.

Again I’ve been sharing too much graphic again so maybe I’ll leave the imagining part to you this time.

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