Reddit Real Asians Top 100+ Pics of All Time

Reddit Real Asians

The Real Asians on Reddit are surely going to make you reconsider your taste in girls. All of a sudden, your supremacy becomes a double standard and we don’t blame you. These girls are indeed hot!

There’s a reason Asian cuisine appeals to westerners. It’s because we crave the umami of oriental flavors whenever we are faced with it. Why do you think Chinese take-out is always the easiest option next to fast food?

Well, admit it or not, you’re surely attracted whenever you see a sexy hot Asian girl. It’s living proof that the universe has its way of balancing things to make the distribution of beauty fairer.

How about we talk about these Reddit real Asians now, shall we? Without further ado, here are the top 100+ Real Asians pics on Reddit.

Welcome to Reddit Real Asians

You’ll immediately see what’s good about Asia upon landing on r/RealAsians. Asians often get the stereotype of being petite and limited on vital stats.

Little do they know that even the half-Asians get only the good features of the race. Well, there’s also the fact that not all Asians are created equally on the vital stats department.

As you can see, the boobs are a good example. Do you see all of them having flat chests or tiny tits? Nope! In fact, some of them can even give the Latinas a run for their money.

Sorry to burst your bubble here but you won’t be seeing porn pics on this subreddit. You may see some slips but that’s all you’re getting. That’s what makes this subreddit so good. It’s still some worthy fap material even if there aren’t any nudes.

The entire purpose of this subreddit is for us to appreciate the wholesome beauty of Asian chicks rather than a cheap porn fetish. You’ll realize that more as we go on further down this piece.

Of course, you’re getting a lot of stories from me too about real Asians.

Wild Professionals

Do you see one of the pics here of the sexy Asian doctor? That’s a common occurrence when you enter the adult market. It’s no longer teenage games because some of these Asian women are looking to be serious.

In fact, it’s a good thing I mentioned the sexy Asian doctor because it fits my story. It was actually one of my serious relationships ever. Too bad I was this hot jock who didn’t see her as an apex at that time.

So, I was already starting to make a career out of myself. I was preparing myself for a possible life if I won’t be able to play pro ball. It was when I met this cute Asian girl who was in her med proper already. She’s a few years away from being a doctor.

You know the stresses of studying to become a professional. All of a sudden, sex becomes a luxury that they can only afford once they are already practicing doctors who can pretty much do everything at their own time.

To give you an idea, she looks like Jamie Chung. Imagine having a doctor who looks like her? Well, it’s pretty much the route that most pure Asian families in America go.

I was a supportive nice boyfriend but her family saw it differently. You know how these Asians think. Where am I going with this? I’m just breaking you into how underrated Asian beauty is.

Don’t underestimate their game

How many times have we been met with the misconception that Asians are easy just because they look such? Apparently, they know how to play too.

Think you can pull off the clingy card with them? Mind you, there are guys that actually dig them. You might even be surprised that their fellow Asian dudes have more game than you.

I know this because I used to hang out with geeks. They usually have this hot smart Asian girl in school they have a crush on and feel like it’s easy to approach them. Then, they get surprised that it isn’t that easy.

Since we’re on the topic of socials, let me hit you with another story. It’s this time I swiped on a tattooed Asian girl on Tinder. She happens to be a pro wrestler already, by the way. Behind the sexy image and the wild persona, there’s this sweet woman who knows how the game goes. I’ll admit that I got too clingy with her and she ghosted me. That’s how underrated their game is.

Apparently, it’s like nature to Asians to be experts in screening people. Even when they are out to play, they pick who they play with. Of course, there will be the wild slips but those are just isolated cases.

The point here is to treat Asian girls the same way you would treat any other hottie. Make sure you play the game equally because if there’s one thing I know through experience, it’s that Asian girls are harder to flirt with.

Most of them are usually looking for a serious exclusive date at a certain age.

What are they doing on Reddit then?

These Real Asians you see on Reddit aren’t nude at all. Sure, they are sexy but there’s a subreddit for that. It’s all wholesome sexiness on r/RealAsians.

In fact, there’s even a possibility that it isn’t them who’s posting these pictures but people like me who admire their beauty too. I’m having so much fun adoring them that I got so excited to write about them hence, only choosing the top 100 before starting.

I already told you a story I had about their game. If you see them this sexy, don’t you think they know what they’re doing? They won’t end up as easy prey as most flirty girls are. In fact, if you are thinking that you are playing them, chances are, you are the one that’s getting played.

That’s not an insult to your game, that’s just a fact of life.

The bottom line on Reddit Real Asians

It’s fun looking at sexy Asian chicks. You end up having some good fap material even when they are clothed. Whether it’s their cleavage or their sexy bikini bod, it’s hard not to salivate once you’ve learned to love all races.

Take it from me who has a spot-on game and a charm that these types of girls can’t resist. I will be the first to admit that I don’t usually date or hook up with Asians because I get attached to their hotness meter. Just like the clingy story that I told you earlier.

Now, if you want to see some nude Asian girls, you better check the Asians Gone Wild subreddit instead.

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