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Reddit’s Top 200+ Butts and Bare Feet Pics of All Time

Reddit Butts and Bare feet

Reddit just wants to make something out of butts and bare feet. The community wanted to make sure all types of clout cover a specific image.

Whenever I see ass selfies of girls, they usually are skin-naked and in their bare feet. It’s like all that is missing is you to please them in bed or wherever they lie.

We’ve seen a lot of asses on Reddit. The community was just smart to point out how feet are always included with these ass nudes whether by coincidence or intentional.

Not only are some of them flaunting their asses, they also love flaunting their nice feet. Anal and foot fetishists are the target audience here as we talk more about r/ButtsAnd BareFeet.

Here’s Reddit’s Top 200+ Butts and Bare Feet Pics of All Time.

Welcome to Reddit butts and bare feet

You’ve finally landed on r/ButtsAndBareFeet. What’s next? Or better yet, what’s cooking?

For one, there’s a ton on smoking hot ass and a foot sandwich you can eat. When I say eat, I mean something to center your hookup around. We need more of these selfies in our lives.

Why do I say so? Well, for one, you are probably getting a ton of these types of selfies in your DMs every once in a while. Do you notice the cute butt or do you notice the nice feet?

Usually, these assets are the underrated charmers for a woman. How many times did we hear people talk about the feet of some known socialites? They don’t have nice feet but at least these girls on Reddit have an ass to throw in with it.

I’m saving storytime for the next entry because for this one we’re going to try to hit all continents except Africa maybe. Not for being biased but I’ve never been there at all. I had to settle for North and South American ebonies but I digress.

I only brought it up because the first story is about ebony.

Wild from behind

We already know how ebonies have such nice asses. Sad to say, there aren’t much on this subreddit’s all-time top 200 but I’m going to level the playing field with this story.

The year was freshman year in college and I was this rookie sensation when my school played in a summer invitational. There was this lead cheerleader named Sasha from a nearby school. Obviously, she’s an ebony with such nice ass and feet!

She slid into my Twitter DM and of course, I immediately recognized her. How wouldn’t I even if it was an ass selfie she took in a nude beach when she was vacationing somewhere in Europe. This girl wasn’t too gifted with boobs so she compensated with pictures similar to what you are seeing.

Guess what I did? I borrowed our team’s linebacker rich kid’s two-door and drove to the nearby university. The next was history after she willingly skipped an important practice just so she could take me to her dorm room.

What made me that crazy over having to hook up with her? It was her butts and bare feet selfies which she sent in fours per background and outfit.

Maybe you have a wild and horny girlfriend or wife waiting at home while you’re busy rendering overtime hours at work. Won’t these selfies force you to say “fuck it, I’m going home!”?

What’s with the butts and bare feet subreddit?

I already told you what’s with the butts and bare feet subreddit. If they are sending you ass nudes, the feet are usually included whether they are kneeling or sending a front angle. Most of these selfies also look like you are fucking them from behind.

It’s mostly the girls from Eastern Europe who are fans of these types of selfies. I’m saying this not only because of the majority of what I saw on this subreddit but also because of experience. In fact, it might be the reason I travel to Europe just for hookups. Of course, it’s also because I can.

Forget whatever outfit they’re wearing. I don’t care if it’s cold too. I see butts and bare feet either in my DMs or in person, I’ll call it my glory hole. Expect my dick going inside if these pics were sent to me personally.

Imagine if Tinder allowed you to post nudes upfront. You’re probably getting either a pussy pic or an ass pic kneeling with their nice feet seen in the frame too. It cuts all the intro and brings you straight to the point upon swiping.

You can do the same on Reddit as I do. Just make sure it’s still legal.

Will you dig just the butt and feet?

The thing about r/ButtsAndBareFeet is that it targets a specific nice of ass selfies. You’ve already seen r/ass and the pics are too generalized. Then you’ve already seen the ass selfies in all our Top 200+ lists here on Porn Viral.  It’s all diverse.

For this one, however, everything looks all the same:  bare butt and feet are just as white and smooth as the butt cheeks. These chicks might not even be wild. They just want to give you a preview of anal. In fact, some pics here can even pass as abstract shots in a photo competition.

Now is the time for another story but this time, we’re going Eastern Europe. I already told you earlier that I see most faces on this subreddit look like they came from there. Then, there’s my experience.

We’ll go back to Amsterdam again but this time, on my third trip there. One of the sex clubs there had this aquarium where all their girls posed with only their butts and bare feet showing.

It was a thrilling experience because you didn’t know what their face or boobs looked like. You’ll have to pick good with the ass and hope the upper body lives up to the promise.

Not everything is heaven for me when it comes to these things. The only time I paid for sex and I picked a girl I didn’t really like at all. Her ass was good but the face disappointed. I ended up settling for asking her to give me a full-body massage.

Final thoughts

The bottom line here is I still know how to appreciate a porn subreddit regardless of the content. I already told you about showing curvy girls some love and my taste for ebonies other colors. How much more some fine white ass? Then, throw in the feet and there is your bonus.

You’re probably having fantasies about them right now and if they are willing to be fucked. Why not? All you need to do is take your chance and slide into their Reddit DMs. I tried doing that with the ass subreddit and scored a movie date and a blowjob out of it.

It doesn’t always need to be about the ass. It’s about being sexy at the end of the day. If you want more pics like these, you’ll likey have to get it from the college sluts.

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