Sex Tourist Reviews Pattaya’s Red Light District

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Have you ever thought about visiting Pattaya, Thailand and see what sensual pleasures it can offer you but are not sure where or how to start? In this educational-slash-exciting video, a Caucasian sex tourist takes a tour in the district to see if the paradise is worth the trip and where to score the best bang for your buck. He also assessed if the place is comparable to other red light districts he has visited.

The video started with the tourist explaining and narrating his whole two-month trip in Pattaya. He then proceeded to giving instructions on how to get to the heart of the paradise and the must-visit clubs and bars. He also compared his experience to Bangkok, from the alcohol ban; to the girls he met, to the treatment he gets at the clubs on both cities.

In the end, the tourist concluded that Bangkok is still superior to Pattaya in terms of sex tourism. However, it does not mean that he discourages his viewers not to visit the latter. The place is a must-try too!

To see the full video, click here.

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