These Ass In Thong Pics on Reddit Are Waiting For Your Spanking

Reddit Ass In Thong

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An ass in thong makes those big asses more than just sexy. These female booties are to crave and salivate for on Reddit!

Somehow, these ladies are flaunting their covered asses or lack thereof. It’s their way of saying they were gifted with two big round buns.

If you’ve encountered these types of girls in your bedroom at some point in your life, maybe you’re one of those who has enough game to show for. Imagine having a girlfriend so sexy that she dresses that way in the bedroom?

The same goes for when you date a girl with big butts. You will know she’s DTF from the start when you manage to take her back to her place and she’s wearing a thong. That’s a story we’re going to reserve for later.

For now, let’s start breaking you into the r/AssInThong subreddit.

Welcome to Reddit Ass In Thong

What you see is what you get here. You’ll see a plethora of asses in thongs once you log onto the subreddit. The people and the thongs may be different but the concept is all the same.

Thongs have already been a symbol of sexy since magazines, catalogs, and professional wrestling made wearing them famous. It suddenly became the most coveted lingerie in the bedroom.

There was also a time where it became a trend where girls will wear hanging shirts or tubes and low-waisted bottoms just to show their thongs on their waist.

Such tease is applicable when it was a fashion statement but now, it’s all straight to the point on this subreddit. Fap material may not be the purpose but these sexy asses will make your girlfriend so insecure that she’ll be wearing a thong too to your next date.

As for my story, here it goes…

Big butts don’t lie

You know the joke about big butts that cannot lie, right? The more it can’t when you are wearing a thong. How can you hide something that only has a string as a separator and exposing the rest?

Remember the story of that low-waist fashion for thongs? Apparently, the cheerleaders in high school sported such fashion when they are not in their cheerleader uniform. These girls really have ways to make themselves look slutty when needed.

Imagine whenever they wear thongs to school and go to class? This was almost the digital age so you can expect those phones snapping pics of such weird fashion statements and posted on sites such as 9gag.

To be honest, I don’t have any problem with that. It just feels weird that they tend to make such statements that are actually uncomfortable when you think about it. Wedgies all day just to look cool? That’s weird, right?

There’s no judging because some of them are really doing it to make my jock teammates drool. It’s like their way of mind control for these dudes who think they rule the whole school.

Not really much of a story here other than I was lucky enough to score on a few of them.

Slice that bun

An ass in thong looks like a bun being sliced in the middle. It also gives the butt cheeks a rounder shape especially if the girl squats a lot in the gym.

Some even make a photoshoot around thongs and squats. I can only imagine how uncomfortable that could be especially when working out. But, in the name of a good photo snap, why not?

Reddit has made a good job making such a gallery of asses in thongs. It’s their way of showing us what we are missing while we are too busy playing with our bananas. I’m guilty of that sometimes, by the way.

I really don’t have much to say because all the pics look so similar anyway. There’s an ass, a thong, and butt cheeks that are primed to be spanked shall you see one.

It now begs me to ask the question, will I take a bite on that bun?

Thongs R’ Us

This is a funny story of when I went to Toys R’ US to check on action figures to display on my room. There was this single mom who was wearing the low-waisted pants and the thong that I was telling you about.

I knew she was a single mom because why else would a mother of a seemingly 5-year old boy simply wear such a thing if she’s married? Her husband will surely not approve of such outfit for a stereotype minivan family.

It was my opportunity to strike and opened up a pretending to be innocent conversation. The same one Josh Duhamel used on Katherine Heigl with the Acai Berries in a grocery store in the film “Life As We Know It.”

Based on what she looked, she knew her movies so I asked her about a Marvel action figure. It was simply a basic question of “Is this the version of Spiderman Tom Holland played? She was happy to share that she knew more and shared it.

Of course, you know what happens next after that, right? While her kid was busy running around with his toy sword, I was setting up something for my own sword. I got her number and we agreed to meet for drinks the night after.

It’s not a direct thong story but these pictures don’t really have much story other than the girls wearing it and how I met them. Like I said, when it’s asses in thongs, it’s usually what you see is what you get.

The bottom line on Reddit Ass In Thong

What else can you ask for? You’ve got a plethora of ass in thongs here on this subreddit. The focus is to enjoy them as much as possible. You’ve got shades of skin tone and colors of silk to fantasize on.

The next time you and your girlfriend talk about outfit ideas, why not try asking here about wearing a thong? You can also use this subreddit as an inspiration for her to channel her inner sluttier side.

Another one is when you gift her those undies to wear to your next date. While I’m always a fan of going commando under a dress, it pays to see a girl wear a thong first and be creative with stripping it down.

With that, I rest my case.

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