These Tanlines On Reddit Are Exciting Us For Next Summer

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One of the most underrated sexy features of a girl is her tanlines. It shows that she’s always having a good time trading hotness with the sun.

You know that girls like these are either a fixture in pool parties or travel a lot which makes them look more interesting. Tanned skin is also an image of health and fitness for some reason.

While men are hotter when they get a good tan, we’re going to focus more on the females who seem to be tan where it matters and white everywhere else. Surprisingly, it doesn’t look messy on them like it is on others.

Now, we’re going to enjoy the view as we look at 100+ tanlines of girls on Reddit.

Welcome to Reddit Tanlines

It’s like a blog or forum for tanned skin when you go to the tanlines subreddit. You wouldn’t see a lot of bikini pics though because it’s the only sunblock they’ve got.

By the looks of it, these girls are probably always on a vacation. Their tanlines are already darker than usual which signifies sipping cocktails by the beach while partying at night. How we wish we can live that life all-year round.

As for the girls themselves, they are probably soliciting for travel or beach buddies the unconventional way. It’s something we ought to consider on our next trip to the Bahamas or somewhere else in the Caribbean. The Mediterranean might be calling too!

These girls can be cast for those James Bond or other spy films with a beach setting. There’s always a sexy girl that a playboy spy will lock his eyes on. It’s either that or a sunny setting of a Fast and Furious movie. Just like the time the film franchise had scenes in Monte Carlo.

Unlike the other subreddits, there isn’t much point in showing tanlines except when nudity is involved. You know it turns Rated R when that happens. Maybe they’re auditioning for the next wild Bikini Spring Break video.

Speaking of that, it’s time to tell my first story.

Malibu Stiffy

I just used the name “Malibu Stiffy” in reference to American Pie: Band Camp where Matt Stifler got a tape from his brother with that title. It featured a montage of tits in Malibu.

I made one with my college friends just for fun too. We spent a long weekend in the Philippines back when Boracay Island was still a mecca of wildness. I brought my latest GoPro at that time and we filmed some chicks ala Girls Gone Wild.

Surprisingly, the privileged chicks partying on the island during that time just didn’t give a fuck. We made a tits montage and they all obliged! All that day drinking they did was worth it considering how many videos we got.

Of course, you’re going to get tanlines by partying on the beach all weekend. It was actually the highlight of the whole montage as we made a video on who had the darkest tanline. While skin tones differed, the ratio of tan to the skin can still be measured as we picked our girls well.

Sadly, that montage wasn’t able to see the light of day as I was too lazy to edit them all with all my duties as a student-athlete. I can still do that now but times have changed. I now respect the privacy of the girls and am not sure if the present-day them would agree on having it posted.

It was fun while it lasted.

Showing that gradient

Tan lines have such a gradient on the skin. It shows shades of the same color. Though tan is tan, the hue depends on the original skin tone.

Why are we even talking about this? Because it’s important to indicate how sexy tanlines seem when girls wear a dress. Usually, when they wear plunging necklines or other sexy articles of clothing, it shows.

Another is when a girl wears a bikini one day and wears a different one the next day. The tanlines of yesterday will show on their skin too. Call me weird but personally, it turns me on a lot.

Surprisingly, these girls have better sex drives based on my experience. Maybe because their hormones tell them that it’s time to have fun and the first order of business is going to a beach or pool.

This subreddit might just be proof of that. They could have simply shown their tanlines but they chose to do it while naked. You know the rule. If a girl shows such, it is presumed she wants to be branded as such.

In that case, if you encounter one of these girls on the beach, there’s a huge chance that they are up for hookups.

Tropical tracings

Tanlines are like tracings on a drawing. It’s like the sun just drew bikinis on their skin. Speaking of, how about body painting as the sunblock?

It isn’t a personal story of mine but I happened to go on a beach escape in Europe one time and there was a body painting event. It wasn’t the traditional competition though. Each painter had to paint bikinis like those Sports Illustrated editions they release every once in a while.

I just enjoyed what I saw the entire time. They were like parading their bikini paints at the beach like nobody is there. Well, luckily, nobody was violated since being taboo isn’t that liberated there.

Like I told you, it isn’t my sex or sexy story but still, it’s worth noting that these chicks sure had a good time. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was their tanlines that were used as guides for the bikini pantings. That’s rad, right?

I told you even girls with tanlines have endless possibilities.

The bottom line on Reddit Tanlines

What else haven’t we talked about with these Reddit Tanlines? I think we’ve discussed everything there is to say about beach gradients on skin.

While Reddit has already established that these girls aren’t just flaunting tanlines but inviting for something else, maybe it’s about time you chalk up the courage to slide into their DMs and ask them where their plans for summer are. It’s a surefire thing that they are planning to party all summer before going back to their normal lives for fall and winter.

These girls don’t look like sluts or skanks. It’s just that they want to have fun and involve us in any way possible. Even if it means overbearing everything on Reddit to get to us. They already gathered social media clout by simply looking hot. This subreddit might have just boosted it more.

So, if you are looking for what they possibly look like when they are back in their hotel room, check out r/Lingerie for that.

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