Top 100+ Feet Pics on Reddit

Reddit Feet

Foot fetishists are definitely going to love Reddit feet. It doesn’t only have a bunch of nice feet but there’s also some nice faces and body that come with it.

The feet have some sexual sensory to them. Ever notice why people who flirt with each other love rubbing feet on each other’s legs? Its touch seems like an invitation for sex.

Girls go crazy when you do such to them and it’s time they return the favor by teasing you with theirs. Instead of just wishing we would have our feet-flirting partner, let’s just enjoy looking at these top 100+ feet pics on Reddit.

Maybe we can win a foot rub pass which will lead to something more fun.

Welcome to Reddit Feet

Reddit has a collection of feet pics on r/Feet that make you want to go to the foot spa just to make yours up to par with theirs.

If you aren’t a fan of foot massages, you just might. Why am I saying this? Well, girls tend to be tickly, and when you massage their feet and they giggle a lot, that may lead to something more.

Feet actually become an issue to some men. There was a time where Paris Hilton’s feet were an issue during the early ages of social media. Even the Kardashian’s feet were a thing too.

The point here is, if socialites’ feet are expected to look nice, so should girls in general. That’s why it’s good that there is such a subreddit that shows us that feet are adorable too.

Feet are cute when girls know how to take care of it. There’s just something about soft and smooth feet that you wouldn’t mind getting massages out of it. Just like when Lucy Liu went undercover as a masseuse in Charlie’s Angels.

That’s something we all ought to dig.

Speaking of masseuse…

Of course, these Reddit pieces wouldn’t be complete without my interesting stories. It’s really fun telling stories and I am also happy when you guys love it and express your admiration in the comments section. This one’s not going to be any different.

I love talking about my days as an amateur athlete not to brag because most of the best stories have come from my prime days in high school and college. Besides, the story I’m about to tell you is when I went to this spa where they step on your back to apply pressure.

It was the softest feet I ever felt rub onto my skin. The fact that all those essential oils smelled so therapeutic made my massage session feel better. It was also the first time I felt clingy with a hired gun who uses sensual contact as her profession.

First, I came back and asked for her every now and then. Next, she enjoyed me as her loyal client every time I come there after a hard training session. Then, we started having personal conversations during our massage sessions. Finally, we hook up.

Where am I going with all this? As I said, we hooked up. That meant I got to do more things with her feet than you can ever imagine. Ever gotten a handjob with nice soft feet? I did. It was the best feeling in the world that night.

Even if she moved to Canada to help warm other people through her nice massages, we still hook up whenever I go on a sabbatical and go elk hunting in Saskatchewan. She chose to stay there for a reason and it’s a good one.

Foot fetish galore

It’s impossible not to adore feet even more as you scroll this subreddit. The feet have touch senses that will make you want them. It’s just the same way as holding a nice hand.

Girls don’t only wear heels to look taller. Sometimes they do that to show men their feet since the first reaction of men is to look down when they see a tall woman.

No, you wouldn’t find the disgusting wet and messy foot fetishes here because it defeats the purpose of showing people how nice their feet are.

The mushy feeling is usually felt by the feet. That said, there’s going to be a lot of squeezing by the toes whenever you play feet with a girl.

To be honest, there’s not much to talk about since it’s all feet we see on this subreddit. It’s just a bonus if you have such a foot fetish.

Beach feet

So I have another story about the time when I went to the beach with my friends just recently. Lockdowns were more lenient now and people were past the heavy quarantine measures.

Just when my area was declared covid-free, I and a group of friends wanted to unwind and go to the beach. Since physical contact was quite limited and we wanted to avoid touching with our hands, we tried our luck and tried flirting with only our feet.

Apparently, the girls were getting what we were trying to do so they reciprocated. That meant more feet play that turned into foreplay real quick. All the social distancing we tried to do went down the drain and we just said to ourselves “fuck it!”

The moral of the story here is that the feet are just as powerful as the hands. Call me a weirdo for spending a good amount of time scrolling down to the pics you have just seen but mind you, I’m the one getting more sex.

If you can flirt with feet the way me and my friends did, I’d like to hear your story in the comments down below.

The bottom line on Reddit Feet

I think we’ve already established the bottom line of this piece. Feet are nice sexual tools and if the feet themselves are visually nice, we’re going a long way with this.

I know it’s not your typical boobs or pussy piece but at least I’m trying to break you into it. The point is, I who has a lot of sex can appreciate it so why don’t you?

Besides, if you are looking for an actual example, just go through all these feet pics on r/Feet so you’ll know what I mean. Slide into their Reddit profile’s DMs and see if you can get lucky.

Just to let you know, I tried that once and got lucky myself. Her feet lived up to the promise.

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