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Top 200+ Asstastic Pics on Reddit

Reddit asstastic

Is it “fantastic” or is it “asstastic?” Let this subreddit be the answer to that question. We’re also going to talk about it and tell stories on PornViral.

We already brought up butts and bare feet. It’s time we make it more centralized and focus on their glutes that they either worked for in the gym or had done in the clinic.

I want to talk more about this subreddit because I started loving ass since the time I focused on pure ass. As much as I love a good proportion, I also admire good distribution on the rear section.

There’s no need to solicit for such pics. These chicks have it and love to flaunt it. That’s why I decided to help you admire these round cheeks and probably score some hookups or faps out of it.

We’re done with the intro so let’s start talking about the Top 200+ Asstastic Pics on Reddit

Welcome to Reddit Asstastic

The first thing I thought of when I landed on this subreddit is the time when I tried hanging out with the school geeks to help me get over my math and science classes. We would talk a lot about ass during study sleepovers. Imagine a jock having to do that? Well, we’re still friends to this day and I even see them more than my former teammates in football.

What brought us together? It’s asses like these! Who’s the cheerleader with the finest ass? Which one has the asstastic outfit of the day? Who’s asstastic in bed? We talked about that. In fact, I share a chat room with them on social media and I was the one who recommended this subreddit.

Like I told you, I’m starting to get more taste for ass as time goes by. In fact, I’ve done more anal sex since PornViral headhunted me to write for their site than I did prior. That’s the power of these asses on Reddit.

More on that as we go on. Let’s talk more about these girls being so asstastic!

Backside beauty

The ass is also called a backside. When these girls tell you “kiss my ass,” will you decline? This collection of backside beauty shows you how effective some subreddits are as pornographic material.

Remember that tattooed chick I was telling you about? She too was asstastic! Magazine, catalog, and Instagram models like showing their asses a lot. You’ll even be tempted to slide a dick pic in their DMs just by seeing their asses.

Maria Ozawa isn’t only a performer. She’s famous more for her big butt rather than her boobs. She likes posing on pics with her ass popped out too. Then, there’s the performance factor too.

You can also blame the show Baywatch for setting the ass trend. The cast had such nice asses that even the youngsters crave more for the ass even into Pamela Anderson’s cougar territory status.

A fit blonde girl with a nice ass is my personal choice for asstastic quality.

What makes the asstastic subreddit special?

What makes this subreddit so special? How is it different from r/Ass? Well, if we are going to compare them an ass for ass, I say there isn’t really any difference. As long as it’s round and smooth, it’s effective enough to sway a guy into preferring anal over pussy.

Mind you, some of them might be insecure girls who had collagen injections and are proud of what their asses have become. A lot of girls are guilty for this and will even recommend them to your girlfriend. If it means having anal sex with an ass like that, why not right?

Too bad I don’t check asses when I check girls in the club. It’s usually just the face down to the boobs. I do spank asses though whenever I flirt. This subreddit is special to me because it keeps reminding me that I need to hook up with someone again before the weekends.

Finest ass on the internet?

There’s a ton of fine asses on the internet that it’s hard to tell if Reddit has the finest. By the way, I tried to see if I can score some ass in this exact subreddit so I sent my own male butt pic.

Apparently, mine is the finest on the internet which is why in an ass for ass pic I played with the girls here, I never missed. It was more of the face factor because it’s mostly ass you’ll see here. Not many faces behind it but it’s okay since I knew my ass can compete with theirs.

I’m not saying that you should do what I did too. I just told you my opinion on these asses. If these are the finest ones for me, I’m confident that 99% of dudes who are reading my pieces agree too. Well, it might be because they don’t regret it too!

Here’s a short story from one of my attempts at an ass for ass game. I did the same on Instagram where I decided to send my ass pic to fit girls and I got a ton of positive replies. Then, I recommended them to try sending their ass pics on Reddit, and mind you, they told me they started scoring a ton of hookups from that.

The most asstastic asses are the fit ones. You might even be surprised that they can squat twice your body weight whenever they hit the gym.

Final thoughts on Asstastic

Maybe asstastic can be a good place to ask a girl out on a gym date. Do it during your leg day so both of you will spot each other on squats. How much more badass can that be?

Well, I can speak through experience not only in gym dates but using this subreddit for hookups as well. I’m not encouraging you to do the same but since these girls posted such raunchy material, maybe they really want it coming to them.

Maybe somebody can contribute on asses gone wild more so that we see how some of these butts look like when action is happening inside it. Maybe call it r/AsstasticAnal?

Please create this subreddit soon!

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