Top 200+ Cleavage Pics on Reddit

Reddit Cleavage

It doesn’t matter if it’s small boobs or big boobs. As long as there’s some extra chest showing, it opens up a good cleavage view.

These round female pleasure-givers are indeed capable of turning us on through only the sense of sight. Of course, whenever we get to touch them and do other things to them too!

There’s just something about cleavage that charms us.  Women understand this that’s why they also do dress with that plunging neckline whenever they aim to attract someone. Sometimes’ it’s what seals the deal for everything.

How many events, galas, and dates have you been to where the girls just wear the most revealing clothing in the hopes that their cleavage leads to sex? Even when they aren’t after it. They just want to seduce you with it.

They do not have to try at all and we are going to salivate on these top 200+ cleavage on Reddit.

Welcome to Reddit Cleavage

Like its namesake, you’ll find a ton of plunging necklines on r/Cleavage. It’s actually a nice sight to behold as it took me more than half a day compiling 200+ pics.

It feels the same way as when somebody is wearing something sexy and it’s just so hard not to look. The same goes for these women who are flaunting their gifts. Flex if you have it, right?

Well, there’s nothing better than showing the world how blessed you are with such boobies. Apparently, they aren’t the conscious type judging by how they put a focus on those titties as they snap selfies for social media.

It might sound weird but I feel like I appreciate cleavage pics rather than bare boobs. Of course, I do like boobs when things get sexual but for the image? Plunging necklines are okay with me.

Some women try hard to make their boobs look as perky as the ones you’re seeing. They wear push up bras just to hold their boobs up for your viewing pleasure.

An ideal scenario for these is usually big boobs wearing tight shirts, dresses, or tanks. It brings out the assets even more. Watch Banditas and see how Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz did it so you’ll know what I mean.

Baby butt bust

For some odd reason, cleavages are oftentimes compared to baby butts. Well, to be fair, boobs look like baby butts when you peak in their diapers. I know because I did babysit toddlers for video game money as a kid.

Now, back to the older talk, there was a time in my life where I hunted cleavages on social media. I’d usually go and check out my slutty classmates and see how they dress. That was when I got bored at home nursing an injury from a football game.

Even though tiny tits are the said epitome of beauty by modeling and pageant standards, how can you not give credit to the bigger jugs? In fact, even the average sizes spark a lot of curiosity. That’s something I am very guilty of.

Have you seen those Asian girls who love wearing low necklines and have a semblance of cleavage on their A-cup boobs? I love putting kiss marks in between those. I told you I know how to appreciate all body shapes and sizes.

Besides, I only mentioned Asians. How about when I tell you a story about a blonde and a brunette?

Cleaving attack!

Storytime again! This time, some interesting threesome story which started with cleavages.

It happened in a bar, once upon a time. I was in one of my Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love days where I was hanging alone. Then there are these two girls with who I locked eyes with.

Interestingly, both are bi-curious individuals and were supposed to have drinks first before testing waters with each other. They probably were open to flirting with others too judging by what they were wearing. Of course, they were bearing their cleavages for the taking.

Here I am all alone with raging testosterone from my recent therapy doing my magic. I tried the “I’ll guess your cup size” line that I saw from Girls Gone Wild. I knew these two were so game for a threesome because they agreed despite me giving the wrong sizes on purpose. That was actually a compliance test and I knew I can take it from here.

Here’s where things got interesting. There was this drunk creepy guy who approached them and inserted his hand in between their cleavages. This happened when I was locked in and engaged with them for the night.

Did I punch him? No. But I put him on a headlock and dragged him to the doorman instead. That cool and calm moment sealed the deal for me for the night. I got to see more than just their cleavage!

The two women are still friends and the blonde one currently has a girlfriend. I know because we’re still close after that incredible threesome.

Clever cleavage

I call it clever cleavage because it is indeed a clever way to attract a guy. Dress a little sexy with a little lowness on your neckline and the guy’s eyes roll down unconsciously. It’s a good way to distract too.

Those scenes in movies where guys get distracted when a girl bows down a little lower and exposes their cleavage are true. It’s like part of human nature already for us guys to do so.

Another clever trick I tried is using these cleavage pics as my view while I was lifting weights in my home gym. I felt like I was on BCAA the entire time. It was like a natural inducer for me.

There are tons of other ways you can actually enjoy these cleavage pics. If I know, it took you long to get to this point because you wanted to stare at each and every one of these 200+ pics.

The bottom line on Reddit Cleavage

I think I’ve already said everything there is to say about cleavages. I love the fact that Redditors are diversifying the boob market in titling their subreddits.

If there’s something I could suggest, it’s that they dedicate one to tiny tit cleavages because I know there’s a market for such. Those supermodels who wear low necklines may not look like they have boobs but I’d still look if they bowed a little.

You’re probably squishing on something right now as you imagine all the boobs you are seeing. I suggest you hold on to a stress ball as you read this.

Better yet, hook up with someone on a dating app. I suggested such since you can see who has nice cleavages before swiping.

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