Japanese Bakakke – Jap Girls used as Cumdumpsters

The word “Bukakke” comes from Japan, and means loosely translates to “crude splashing”, which is pretty close to what we all know it to really mean, babes getting jizz shot in their face. We can thank the Japanese to bringing this wonderful porn category to the world, especially if you’re the kind of guy who likes watching women get degraded to the lowest form possible.

Japanese Girl used as a Jizz Rag

A young Japanese girl siting in a circle of 50 horny men can only result in one thing. A cum fiesta. Maybe she wasn’t loved enough when growing up, maybe she’s an experimental person, or maybe she’s just a horny slut that needs jizz loaded all over her to feel special.

Super Japanese Jizz Showers

I didn’t know it was possible to shoot such a hefty load. Maybe it’s all the sushi they eat. The girls on the receiving end were quite shock when all they could see was a gigantic string of jizz flying at them.

Japanese Amateur Takes non stop Loads to the Face

This dude has a non stop supply of jizz running through his cock, and it all piles out on to this sweet Japanese babes face and mouth. This must be the result of practicing karma sutra techniques over the years.

Spermarella – Jap Babes Soak up Jizz from Tons of Men (cUmpilation)

If you’re really in the mood for some Japanese bukakke videos then you’ll be all set with this bukakke compilation video. It’s just non stop innocent japanese babes taking loads of jizz for money.

Ruri is a Cum Sponge

Ruri is a trooper. No everyone can sit there and take load of jizz after load of Jizz like little miss Ruri can. She does it all with a big cum drenched smile on her face. We commend you miss Ruri, keep up the fantastic work.

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