Accidents with anal dildos!

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Here are videos of four accidents that happened to girls with dildos in their ass. If you put a dildo in your ass be careful that it can come out, it’s not always the case as you will be able to see.

The dildo shooter

Be careful if you are close to this girl, she could hurt you with her anal dildo!

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The Dildo Vortex

This girl manages to make a huge dildo disappear. I think she’s on her way to the hospital at the end of the video, as I told you, be careful what you get into your ass! Or tie a rope to it!

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Where did the butt plug go?

Smaller size than the previous one and surely less painful but will still have to get it out!

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The rookie mistake.

It can happen to anyone, remember to go to the bathroom several hours before doing anal and don’t eat afterwards, we don’t want that to happen.

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These little videos were found on Reddit in the NSFWFunny Channel and the content is mostly hosted on Redgifs.

Where to see more anal porn?

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How to prepare for anal?

Ready to dive into the wild world of anal adventures? Here’s your cheeky guide on how to prepare for some backdoor action:

  1. Pillow talk: Open up those communication channels with your partner and spill the beans on your desires, boundaries, and any anal-related curiosities. It’s time to get naughty, baby!
  2. Slippery slopes: Lubrication is your best friend here, so grab a top-notch water-based lube and slather that bad boy all over. Don’t be shy, coat both the backdoor and the incoming object like it’s a slippery waterslide.
  3. Sparkling clean: A clean canvas is always a good idea, so hop in the shower or give that tushy a little rinse with an anal douche. Remember, we want things fresh and tidy down there.
  4. Easy does it: Slow and steady wins the race, my friend. Start small with gentle exploration, whether it’s with your fingers or a cute little anal toy. Let your body set the pace and enjoy the ride.
  5. Shield of love: Safety first! Pop on a condom if you’re having anal adventures with a partner. Not only does it reduce the risk of STIs, but it also makes cleanup a breeze. Two birds, one stone!
  6. Get in the mood: Set the stage for some naughty fun by indulging in some arousing foreplay. It’s all about getting relaxed and revved up for the main event.
  7. Smooth operator: When it’s time for penetration, take it slow and steady. Let the receiver guide the ship, and make sure to keep those lines of communication open. If it hurts or feels off, pump the brakes and adjust accordingly.
  8. Secret codes: Create a secret safe word or signal for those moments when you need a breather or want to call a timeout. Consent and comfort should always be your North Star.
  9. Cuddle o’clock: After all the butt stuff, show some love and care with a post-anal cuddle session. Clean up, hydrate, and comfort each other like the naughty champions you are.

Remember, these tips are all in good fun, and what matters most is that you and your partner are having a blast. So go forth, explore, and let the anal adventures begin!

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