Meet Ava Louise: OnlyFans Star Who Got Flamed by Shutting Down NYC-Dublin Portal

Meet Ava Louise the OnlyFans Star

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Maybe you don’t know her name, but you definitely know her infamous social media antics. Ava Louise has made waves with her bold and controversial actions over social media, capturing the attention of millions online, let’s remind ourselves with the following when was the last time we hear about her: 

If you recognized the OnlyFans model who flashed her breasts at the New York-Dublin portal earlier this week, it might be because she has already gone viral multiple times before.

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Ava Louise , with over 400,000 Instagram followers, caused a significant international commotion by exposing herself at the public attraction, leading to its temporary closure.

The 25-year-old previously mentioned she wanted to show the Irish people her ‘home-grown potatoes,‘ but claims she has since received ‘thousands of death threats”. Despite this, the aspiring influencer, who refers to herself as ‘New Jersey trash,’ has upset the public on previous occasions.

Ava Louise, with over 400,000 Instagram followers, caused a considerable international uproar by revealing herself at the public site, resulting in its temporary shutdown. She also claimed that she earned $30,000 just within a day the scandal happened

OnlyFans Star Ava Louise Who Got Flamed by Shutting Down NYC-Dublin Portal
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Who is Ava Louise, the OnlyFans Content Creator? 

Ava Louise, a 25-year-old OnlyFans content creator from New Jersey, has been gaining attention since 2019 when she first appeared on the Dr. Phil show. During this appearance, she famously declared that she would rather ‘die hot than live ugly.’

In her notorious 2019 interview with Dr. Phil, Ava Louise expressed her desire to be ‘insta-famous’ and a ‘skinny legend.’ She explained that a ‘skinny legend’ is someone who is both attractive and slim, adding, “When you’re skinny and pretty, you get so much more in life. I’ve been ugly and I’ve been hot, and I choose hot every single time.”

During the interview, Ava admitted to consuming diet pills ‘like tic-tacs’ and stated that she didn’t care about the consequences, preferring to die young and beautiful rather than grow old. She said, “I’d rather die hot than live ugly, so if this is going to take 10 years off my life, I don’t care. I don’t want to be old anyway. Old people are ugly.”

Ava Louise COVID -19 Challenge
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What was the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’?

Ava Louise, whose life goal was to be ‘famous for being famous,’ achieved notoriety during the coronavirus pandemic for questionable reasons. Despite previously stating on Dr. Phil that she didn’t care whether the attention she received was positive or negative, Ava faced backlash for participating in the ‘coronavirus challenge,’ where she licked a toilet seat.

Initially, Ava claimed the stunt was part of a TikTok challenge, but later admitted that the challenge wasn’t real. She became a global viral sensation after posting a video of herself licking a toilet seat on an airplane at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Due to this viral fame, Ava returned to the Dr. Phil show via Zoom, where the host criticized her stunt, calling her ‘spoiled and entitled’ and warning that she could cost someone their life. When asked if it was worth the attention, even if it caused someone’s death, Ava responded, “Yeah.”

What Actually Happened at the NYC-Dublin Portal?

The NYC-Dublin portal, launched on May 8, is located on the New York side along 5th Avenue in Manhattan and on a side street near Dublin’s O’Connell Street. This webcam, designed by Portals.Org and inspired by artist Benediktas Gylys after a ‘mystical experience,’ allows citizens from both cities to see but not hear each other.

Ava Louise used this opportunity to flash her breasts at the portal, claiming she wanted to show the Irish her ‘home-grown potatoes.’ She explained, “The people around the portal at the time reacted positively and encouragingly, with lots of laughter! But now, people are upset, and I’m receiving thousands of death threats. I just wanted my boobs to be international! Honestly, boobs are harmless.”

The model and TikTok star defended herself, stating, “Being topless in NYC is legal, and the shutdown wasn’t entirely my fault. I’m sure the world has noticed there were more outrageous things displayed by others at the portal.”

Watch Ava Louise Sexy Butt from Her OnlyFans
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