Can you Finish the “Earn Your Release” Challenge?

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Nowadays, you not only see classic porn videos and adult films in free porn sites like PornHub. You also get to see some valuable contributions from other members. The platform seems to slowly turn into an R-rated version of Youtube.

One of the things that caught our attention is the “earn your release” challenges, with the most famous video posted by the user lorde96. The goal of the challenge is to tease your cock or pussy and stop yourself from cumming until the countdown video says so.

Sounds easy? Not really, because the countdown is accompanied by a compilation of videos of pornstars performing blowjobs, getting their pussy licked and fucked, and more. The video will bring you close to the edge until the right time comes for you to achieve your orgasm.

What makes these challenges fun and popular is the fact that it is a welcome deviation from the usual content you often see in different porn sites. Instead of just passively watching a porn video of your choice, you get to challenge yourself and extend your patience and ability to control your orgasms until such time that you are allowed to. It can also help train you in orgasm control, which is awesome!

Are you up for the challenge? Try it out by watching it here. In case the instructions are not clear, the video will explain the mechanics in full detail.


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