The Ethereal Eva Elfie

Eva Elfie

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Are you familiar with the name Eva Elfie? Maybe you have already seen her on different adult sites. But if it does not ring a bell, read further as we introduce you to your possible dream girl.

Eva Elfie


Eva Elfie Fast Facts

Eva Elfie is a beautiful blonde porn star. She was born in the year 1992, on May 27 at Russia. She is 5 feet and 4 inches tall or 162 cm and weighs 45 kg or 99 pounds. You can consider her a petite girl with that size. Once you see her on video, you will be enticed with her innocent and dazzling smile. If she comes inside the same room that you occupy, you might notice how she lights up the room and how contagious her smile is.

If you have not heard of Eva Elfie which is her pornstar name, maybe you have heard of her other names. She is also called Lady Jay, Tieny Mieny, and Tiny Teen.

Career History

Eva’s career started when she entered the world of erotic modeling. In the year 2018, she transitioned into adult movies and did it fulltime. She is still new in the industry since she has been doing porn for less than 2 years.

Look for her if you are interested in watching new stars in porn with amazing beauty that would take your breath away and make you so hard you’d want to cum in your pants. She is truly one of a kind pornstar that you could not resist.

With the little experience that she has, she was already included in several movies of popular adult companies like Nexx Level Productions and Bedtime Productions. She is talented and skillful in the art of sex and equally beautiful. You can see her doing various sex categories from amateur to hardcore.

Moreover, Eva has worked with other well-known pornstars like John E. Depth, Buttah, and Southern Comfort. When it comes to female actresses, she has co-starred with Chynna on three sex scenes. She starred in an awesome porn video titled “They’re Young, Beautiful & Very…Nasty, Going Deep and Better N Pussy: Nuttin Butt Blowjobs. If she is going to write her resume and include these achievements, it would be a fantastic resume.

Eva Elfie

When you see Eva, the first thing that will enter your mind is that she is one of the cutest pornstars. If she will become your jerk off partner, you will surely be done in just a matter of minutes. She will absolutely turn you on and make you cum with her sexiness, playfulness, and friendliness. She is the perfect erotic model that you could ask for!

So why waste your time looking for erotic porn videos? Maybe you have even reached the 100th page just to find something that would be good enough to jerk off on. Why don’t you check out Eva Elfie’s videos instead? For sure, that would be the best decision that you would ever make and your cock would undoubtedly approve.

Below are some of the titles of porn videos that Eva Elfie starred on:

  • Quick Fuck with the Perfect Schoolgirl in Tights

Can you imagine Eva being a schoolgirl wearing that sexy, see-through tights where you can already see her entire body? It is very easy to rip apart to give access to for a huge cock to enter her wonderful pussy. Well, that is exactly what her co-actor did on this porn movie.

While they are at it, you can hear Eva moaning from pleasure. It might be a short video (5:12) but it can surely help you jerk off. Try to finish the video before letting go of your load!

  • My Very First and Personal Homemade Video – Cum on my body and in my Eye

If you are looking for a more amateur video of Eva Elvie, then you should check this one out. At the beginning of the video, you can see her with exposed breasts and spread legs while she is giving the man in the video a handjob. Don’t you think that would be the perfect video to jerk off on today? You can try to imagine that you are the guy receiving a handjob from the cute pornstar Eva Elfie. Her breasts are truly a sight to behold in this video.

Eva Elfie

There is so much that Eva Elfie has to offer. In her few years in the industry, she has already made numerous porn videos. Check her out now and who knows, maybe she will be your new jerk off partner.


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