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Have you always dreamed about a sexting fantasy but couldn’t find a woman that would consent to it? Maybe you are a married man who wants the thrill of an affair but are scared of any consequences blowing back at you. Or you probably just want to make your Friday nights spicier and more adventurous than just watching Netflix and chilling on your couch. Whatever your reasons are in finding someone to satisfy your sexual needs, Arousr is there to help you out!

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Arousr is an adult sexting website where you can meet girls, also called chat hosts, who are willing and ready to sext, trade nudes, and offer phone sex services at your leisure time. These Arousr ladies are available 24/7. Thus, you can always tune in and find a girl that specializes with your fantasies. Do you prefer a Dominatrix who would command you what to do to make you cum? Or do you like a bratty Submissive that would only do what you want them to do?

Each of these women uses Arousr sexting to fulfill their sexual fantasies just as much as you. Be prepared to meet girls that belong to different porn categories. Hear their seductive voices and horny moans as she helps you reach your orgasm via phone sex or video calls.

Arousr: An Experience Unike No Other

You might ask: what makes Arousr sexting so different from adult cam websites? Firstly, you do not need to create a separate account just to avail of their services. All you need is a valid phone number. But before you get worried about data privacy, the site wants you to know that any personal info you will provide will remain anonymous and private for as long as you want it to. Their chat hosts are not allowed to text you or even see your phone number. These girls are only capable of receiving phone calls and text messages, not the other way around.

Secondly, unlike adult webcam sites wherein the cam model talks to different people in one live show, their chat hosts will focus on you and only you in each session. That’s right—you don’t have anyone to share her with. You can go and do Arousr sexting with her all day, all night, for as long as you have credits.

Arousr: Making the Most Out of Every Session

Speaking of credits, Arousr uses this as their currency. Upon registration, you automatically receive 100 free credits. This allows you to do Arousr sexting with any of their chat hosts. Each message from the host costs about 10 credits. Thus, make each conversation count. You can also send them tips if you find their performance to your liking. It boosts their confidence. And if they particularly like you, they might give you special attention.

You can buy credits via Paypal or credit card. Worried that your wife might see it on your phone bill? Don’t fret! Arousr billings will reflect to your account as TELEPASS. Thus, she won’t know that you are using Arousr sexting to have phone sex with a hot woman. It’s discreet, hassle-free, and oh-so-sexy!

Arousr is truly a safe haven for those who want to know the thrills of sexting. The thrill of the wait as the next sext comes is something that makes each member come back for more. Experience this unique offer today and sign up as one of their members! We promise you will enjoy it.

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