Maitland Ward: From Disney to Pornography

Maitland Ward

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Let’s get to know more about Maitland Ward and her interesting journey from Disney to pornography.

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Difficult Past

During an interview with the former actress Maitland Ward or Rachel McGuire (as an actress), she revealed that a lot of bad things have happened to her in the past. She was raped, her mother had an affair with her boyfriend, she was in a coma, she had diabetes, and she was almost set on fire because of a gas leak.

Maitland Ward

Career History

The former actress had beautiful and piercing blue eyes and a fiery mane. At the age of 16, she played the role of Jessica Forrester on The Bold and Beautiful. Maitland believes that her role was like an innocent little flower. She remained on the cast of the comic soap-opera for a span of two years before she received a big break in her acting career. She became one of the main cast of a sitcom entitled Boy Meets World. In the sitcom, she was with Mathew Lawrence who played the role of Jack and Will Freidle who played Eric. She lasted two seasons on the famous teen comedy show. 

Now, after 20 years, Maitland decided to have a career change, from being an actress to being a pornstar. Well, there is a slight difference between those two jobs. She had to act in both and stay pretty for the camera. Maitland thought that she might be nervous about this sudden career change but she was not. Good for her! 

As she was doing pornography, she realized that it is easier and that she is enjoying it more than she expected. Oh, boy, was she good at it! She even looked very natural on the camera which would surely make all the boys give her a five-star rating. Maitland admitted that her younger self would have never thought that this career change will happen.

Maitland Ward has been doing porn for only five months. You should give the girl the credit for that. Imagine what she could achieve if she would have been in this industry for years.

Even Maitland herself thinks that the successes she receives in her new career are insane. She could not even believe that she became a porn star at the age of 42. Maitland did not bother to give herself a label because all she knows she is a fully grown woman who loves having sex. She even added that she really likes surprising people and shocking them. And pretty sure, she will keep doing that as long as she likes.


Maitland Ward


After Maitland’s popularity on Boy Meets World which was aired on 1998 to 2000, she also participated in different acting projects. She was in the Boston Public series and also played as Brittany Wilson on the comedy movie White Chicks. If you have watched that movie, then maybe you can remember the very rich blonde chick that was targeted by a group of kidnappers in Hamptons. 

After some time, Maitland decided to swap coasts, so she moved to New York and studied screenwriting and theater. It was also during that time that she married a real-estate investor named Terry Baxter. 

When she moved back to LA, she still persevered to continue her studies while trying to cope up with her transitions as a thirty-something actress in Hollywood. Finding a cute little role must have been hard for her because of her age.

Fortunately, she has gained the spotlight again in the year 2013 when she cosplayed at comics’ conventions. One of her costumes as a female Robin which really made the headlines. She even posted some of her sexy photos on social media because she said that she felt like her real self on her social media accounts.


Maitland Ward is now 42 years old and has already received AVN award nominations. If you are not familiar with AVN awards, it is like the Oscars of Porn. She has been nominated as Best Supporting Actress and Best Three-Way Sex Scene. 

Moreover, she was also anointed to be the face of Deeper which is a high-end XXX brand. It is helmed by Greg Lansky, a porn auteur. Through those achievements in the porn industry, Maitland made it to the A-list of porn.


Maitland Ward


From that sexy social media posts was the start of Maitland’s unexpected career change. It happened when fans asked her to sell adult content. Well, let us all thank the fans for such a wonderful idea. Without them, men would not have a nice porn video to jerk off to. 

From a Disney star to a porn star, it was not a bad transition at all.


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