5 Really Weird Sex Cam Categories

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Porn comes in all shapes and styles. Most of us are used to normal porn categories like anal, amateur, couple, among others. Other weird porn categories will blow your mind. If you think you have seen it all, then you are wrong. New weird categories are born every day thanks to our fetishes and fantasies. 

With each one of us having different desires and fetishes, you can expect some to be way over the line. Today we are going to look at five weird sex cam categories you have probably never heard of.

#1: Dom


This category involves two partners, where one takes the dominant role of controlling the other. The superior partner is always referred to as the dom while the submissive partner as the sub. The dominant female partner is the domme or mistress, while the male is the dome or master.

It is also referred to as D/s partnership. This type of porn involves a lot of control and ordering. The dominant partner usually gives orders. Dom sex can be interesting than you think. You will find sexy models with whips or pairs of cuffs ready to give you an awesome experience by giving you commands. You are then required to submit to her.

In these dom sex cams, you can also choose to be the dom while she submits to you. You get to give her all sorts of commands as she responds and does whatever you command.

#2: Pregnant


As weird as it sounds, it is popular among some porn fans. In this category, pregnant women have live cam sex just like normal live cam models. Most people wouldn’t expect to see a pregnant woman having live sex cam sessions. It seems like there are thousands of pregnant girls who would still like to get some dick on cam.

If you visit sites that offer this category of sex cams, you will find tons of horny pregnant cam girls. Others like to masturbate on live cams. Interestingly this category is gaining popularity rapidly. So if you have never heard of pregnant live sex cams, you should try it and find out just how amazing is the experience.

#3: Smoking


This sex cam category involves people with smoking fetishes. Some live sex com models love smoking so much that a mere sight of smoke turns them. In the smoking sex cam category, you will find girls giving blow jobs as they smoke. Some even masturbate while smoking by taking some puffs with their pussies.

This category involves a lot of weird smoking stuff. Some models even take cigarette puffs with their buttholes. There are several subcategories in smoking. Some include smoking hardcore, smoking teen, smoking mom, smoking fetish, and smoking masturbation. If you are a smoker, you should try out this category. 

#4: Big Clit


 You most probably didn’t know such a category existed because you haven’t seen a girl with big a clit. It looks like girls with big clits are rare, but several sex cam sites have hundreds of girls with big clits. The clits will amaze you. Some are as big as dicks.

Live sex cam sites that feature girls with big clits have a lot of visitors. Everyone wants to have a live cam experience with these girls. Watching them masturbate seems awesome and more thrilling than watching a girl with a normal-sized clit masturbate.

This weird category features girls from different ethnic lines. You will find Asian girls, black girls, and Hispanic ones having big clits. These girls are proud of their big clits because it is not common. A sex cam experience with such a girl sounds weird but amazing.

#5: Swallow

Just as the name suggests, a sex cam model completely swallows cum. Swallowing cum is not something easy, and it needs a lot of practice. Usually, the man is given a blowjob until he reaches orgasm, but instead of pulling out his dick, he cums inside her mouth.

In swallow, sex cams models are supposed to swallow the cum, and they usually seem to enjoy it. Swallow category usually goes hand in hand with deep throat. This category has several subcategories like swallow amateur and swallow BBC. 

There are many other weird categories in the porn industry. These categories are available on many live sex cam sites, and some offer them for free. If you like any of the above categories, consider trying it out. The categories might turn out to be awesome. You shouldn’t be afraid to explore your fetishes, so go ahead and have some good experience.

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