5 Foxy Boxing Videos – Nude Girls Boxing

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Remember foxy boxing? I can’t recall where exactly the term comes from but i remember it being thrown around a lot in the 90’s. Maybe they were selling VHS’s on late night TV or something.

Either way, it’s a thing and it still exists on the internet! Warning, some of thesenude boxing matches are fake as shit, while some are intense as fuck. So whether you want to see some real nude boxing or professionally shot stuff you’ll find it here.

This one is sooo fake it’s ridiculous, but the girls have huge tits so that’s a plus. Eventually they remove the shorts and the naked boxing match gets extra sexy and even ends with a TKO!

This one is the definition of vintage porn. If the hairstyles or poor camera quality don’t give it away the hairy pussy bushes certainly will. It’s so funny to think that no so long ago shaved pussy was a rarity in porn.

The match gets pretty explicit, it’s actually not just confined to nude boxing, they get down and dirty and wrestle naked which at some points becomes very revealing, for both girls.

This nude boxing match is fucking nuts. Unlike the videos above the girls are REALLY fighting, throwing some pretty hefty punches at each other. It seems like they are actually trained to fight. They each have a coach in the corner and a referee judging the fight. It’s all held outside publicly too. This is about as real as a nude boxing match gets!

Another fake nude boxing match with two naked pornstars who have huge tits. The fight is clearly fake but the girls are naked and hot, what else could you ask for?

This nude boxing match apparently takes place in Germany, Munich and is also pretty damn legitimate. The girls are inside a legitimate gym throwing real punches at each other. Crazy Europeans!

So there you have it, anther weird porn list. Hopefully you got what you came for and leave satisfied today. If not, feel free to browse around the rest of the odd porn videos here on PornViral.


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