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What is docking?

Docking is a sexual action including two men, no less than one of which must be uncircumcised. In docking, two men remain opposite each other in an excited state.

The tips of their penises meet and contact; by and large, frottage would result now, however the docking devotee takes a marginally extraordinary course.


On the off chance that just a single of the match is flawless, he at that point moves back his prepuce, uncovering the exposed glans; if both are unblemished, they both withdraw the prepuces. At that point the prepuce of one man is moved back finished his glans and extended crosswise over with the goal that the other man’s penis is likewise secured by the prepuce. In the event that the two men are flawless, the other man at that point discharges his prepuce. A type of shared masturbation at that point starts, with the prepuce or prepuces moving forward and backward finished every penis, or with penises pushing against each other inside the prepuce. For men with exceptionally extended and comfortable prepuces, the objective is to inundate however much of the other man’s penis as could be expected.

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