Girls Working out Naked – Top 7 Nude Workout Porn Videos

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If you’ve spent any time at the gym you’ll know the feeling of seeing a hot babe come in to train, wearing spandex and a sports bra. Your testosterone is already fueling pretty high and so it becomes torture to watch a fine piece of ass train right in front of you when there’s nothing you can do the biological urge to pass on some DNA to a well deserving specimen. Unless of course you’re a good pickup artist or you’re not against fapping in the gym bathroom stalls.

In that spirit, we’re going to be looking at 7 porn videos showing babes in the gym training nude. Anyone who’s been to the gym has imagined every hot girl they’ve seen there naked, and sometimes even the ugly ones because it’s just that automatic. Set your imagination aside and let your dreams become a reality. Enjoy.

1. Hot Blonde Hits a Punching Bag and Treadmill Nude

The video starts off as a bit of a tease since she’s fully dressed in pink spandex at the beginning. However, slowly but surely she strips down during her training session to reveal her big titties and awesome blonde shaved pussy.

She does some topless boxing on the heavy bag and then switches over to some fully nude treadmill walking. It’s a sight to see!

2. Playboy Bunny does a Full Naked Workout

Playboy put this bunny through a full on nude workout. By the end she’s legitimately sweating. I like to imagine that this is just how playboy bunnies normally workout if they want to keep their status as a bunny, and today someone decided to film it.

It shows everything from her boobs bouncing while jumping skip rope, working her beautiful ass while walking on a stair-master and eventually is even joined by a fellow bunny to pass the medicine ball around naked. Definitely some quality fap material right here.

3. Naked Amateur Girl does a Home Workout

In this video we have a girl next door training from home, fully nude of course. She’s got a hairy bush, which adds legitimacy to her status as a true amateur girl. Pornstars never sport a bush like hers.

She’s basically the spitting image of your girl next door type who we’ve all imagined naked at the gym.

4. Perfect Babe doing Workout Stretches Nude

This girl here is model material, and fortunately for us she’s completely nude, doing some sexy stretches and eventually plays with her pussy.

We’ve all seen this babe in the gym before and had to run off the the bathroom stall for a quick whack before being capable of returning our focus to our workout. She’s hot, if you don’t pop off to this one then it’s time to get a psyche evaluation.

5. Blonde Babe does Nude Squats

It’s only 47 seconds long unfortunately but it’s the definition of short and sweet. Alls it is is a hot blondie with a medicine ball doing naked squats.

What makes it great is the cameraman knows his business and gets some great shots of her nude ass and pussy in mid squat. Worth a bookmark for sure.

6. Amateur Girl does Ankle Weight Stretches in the Nude!

This nude workout porn video is split into two segments. The first segment is an amateur blonde girl at home with some ankle weights doing some stretches.

The great thing about this part is, if you like ass, the camera gets some great shots of her ass while she’s training.

The second segment is another girl, much better video quality and she’s just skipping rope completely naked. Pretty sexy stuff if i don’t say so myself.

7. Naked Treadmill Running and Situps!

These two hot blondies hit the treadmill completely bare ass and do a pretty serious cardio workout. The great thing about it is they look as though they’re having fun, which is important when you train.

They eventually switch over to doing some sit-ups and other workouts, but the sit-ups are great because they’re complete spread eagle during the whole thing.

Well, there you have it. Hopefully this list of naked workout videos satiated your desire to see those hot gym babes you’ve always fantasized about in the nude. We’ll see you next time on PornViral.

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