4 Sensual Erotic Massage Videos

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If you’ve ever had a professional massage by a hot girl, you understand the conflicting feeling of being in a professional setting but highly aroused by the nearly inappropriate touching that goes on. Massage porn is a real thing and it’s popular because it mixes the fantasy of getting sexual with a professional together.

In this post though, we’re going to be listing massage porn videos that DON’T involve actual sex. Why? Because we want to keep the fantasy alive. If you’ve ever looked online for massage porn you’ll have noticed that it usually ends up with the girl getting fucked by the masseuse and turns into yet another porn video.

What makes these massage porn videos special is that they never cross that line. They all have a girl laying nude on a table, getting a massage, maybe the masseuse will massage her butthole and pussy but it never turns into a porn. You’ll see what i mean below.

1. European Sensual Massage

This nude massage video is the best kind because it never crosses over into sex. It’s 45 minutes straight of a beautiful Euro babe getting massaged in many different positions. She’s oiled up with her beautiful ass propped up in the air and the masseuse simply massages her body. I guess it sort of crosses over into sex when the masseuse fingers her pussy, but the girl just lays there and let’s her do her thing.

2. Erotic Felxi Massage

This erotic massage sex video is similar to the one above, except that the masseuse is a naked man rather than a clothed woman. Still though, he never penetrates her pussy with his dick. He keeps the massage porn fantasy alive in this stunning HD massage porn video for 35 minutes.

3. Interracial Mutual Massage

This one here teeters on the edge of fantasy and fuck fest but never truly crosses the line. The idea is that these two individuals massage each other. They go through all of the sensual rubbing that the other two did but also step into giving each other blowjobs and cunnilingus. The reason it made the list though is that even during the sexual parts it remains sensual. Check out the video below to see what i mean.

4. Another Interracial Mutual Massage

The same concept as the video above this one, it’s a black man and a white woman, nude, and giving each other sensual massages. And again, it does get pretty sexual, especially around the end but they manage to keep the fantasy alive and even the handjob at the end is very erotic.

That’s it for our top sensual and erotic sexual massage videos. Hopefully you enjoyed the list and maybe learned a few techniques to try out on your partner at home. See your next time on PornViral.

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