Funniest Public Masturbation Videos

funny public masturbation

Sometimes masturbation gets funny when people wing everything in the most awkward of situations.

The image of people pleasuring themselves is best enjoyed when done in private. When it goes public, however, it can turn so scandalous that we just get a good laugh out of them.

The thought of masturbating in public is laughable but it’s the thrill of it that gets us excited. Just like these women who just can’t hold it until they are alone.

Giggle with us as we give you the funniest public masturbation videos. Stop, look, and laugh.

Live Thai beautiful girl and sex toys inside public supermarket #นวลนาง

This Thai girl was asked to wear a Bluetooth-controlled vibrator and she enjoyed every single bit of it!

She and the man in control tested the device first in the car. By the looks of it, she likes the vibration it does when she expects it to be switched on. How about when it catches her by surprise?

It was time to put it to the test as she started walking around in public. At first, she rode a tuk-tuk around the city as she was breaking into her new toy. She still gets caught by surprise as her master switches the thing on and off.

You’ll see as she walks around the markets how the man in control plays with the intensity of the vibrations. There are times where she can rally through but you’ll also see how it distracts her when she can’t handle the intensity.

My favorite part is when she was eating a popsicle. It felt like actual sex seeing her putting the popsicle in her mouth like it was a dick while the man toys with her playing through the remote-controlled vibrator that’s still in her vagina.

I wonder how many girls have done this in real life?

Asian girl squirts outdoors

Asian girls sure are shameless exhibitionists when it comes to sex.

It’s not a stereotype or some sort of a racist joke. Porn coincidentally just has a lot of Asians doing it in public. Just like this slutty Asian woman who chose the beach of all places for crying out loud!

Who cares about getting sand on her pussy? Well, this woman didn’t care that people are passing by possibly seeing her public display so getting sand in her private part is the least of her worry.

Maybe she’s an attention seeker that just decided to taker her affinity for exhibitionism outdoors. This Asian is pleasuring herself alone which means no fucks are given. She’d rather give the fuck to herself.

So what does this woman without the slightest damn for her surroundings do? She breaks into her panties and spin cyclones in her holes with her fingers. Those perky boobs are an extra sight to behold if you are into natural-sized ones.

It’s a sunny day where she’s far from the waves wetting the sand so she watered it on her own.  She squirts like a water gun as her vagina spews some lady cum.

This chick surely can deliver on broad daylight!

Teen Masturbating and Squirting in public Uber

This one is quite private but since it’s done in a vehicle used as public transport for a side hustle, it makes this list.

A smoking hot teen has the guts to play with her cunt in the backseat of her Uber. She’s just a teenager but she surely knows how to pay the fare!

She starts by rubbing it in search of the pleasure bean as she fingers in circles. A few butt spanks to that smooth white one of hers surely helps.

Boy, this girl’s got no chill as she starts using a toy to continuously try to hit that G-spot. So she lubes it up with spit and continues with her favorite circling motion.

Be the looks of the vehicle, she’s riding an Uber-share so there’s that thrill of the driver stopping by for passengers, hence getting caught in the middle of her orgasm.

Luckily, she finishes before anyone even comes around. Though there’s wet evidence that something happened as she squirts on the seat she’s on.

That’s quite a cum for her joy ride!

Beautiful Latina Jolla masturbates outside and sprays a glass door

This girl Jolla doesn’t only have a bubbly butt but also a soapy pussy!

The homies are surely gonna holla at a horny chick by the porch especially as she fingers herself into substituting those water sprinklers with her squirt.

So after she gets tired sipping wine while on her tablet, she decides it’s time to put her new learnings into practice in front of the camera. Jolla first gives us a first-person perspective of what it will feel like if it were us that fingers her from behind.

“Wiggle wiggle,” says her butt as she fingers that yummy pussy cat in front of the cam. She then faces front and shows us how a fingering video should be. Then, Jolla brings her boobs into play.

At this point, you should have noticed that the thick gadget beside her tablet is a huge vibrator. Even an experienced vagina like Jolla has is having a hard time digesting that huge head but her persistence pays off.

You’ll see how good that cum was as she sprays her glass wall with it. The impressive part is how it looks just like another day at her porch.

Indigo White – Bible study

Bible studies aren’t only for the holy. They can also be for the horny!

What a horny holy bitch named Indigo White is for using faith to satisfy her bodily needs. She’s dressed like a bad nun since she does not have a veil. But the cross she’s wearing and her outfit indicates that she took a religious group session to her private live show.

One moment, Indigo looked like she was about to recite bible verses. The next moment she’s calling god herself as her fingers touch the bean. Don’t let that innocent silky skin fool you as her innocent look has become liberated!

She gives us a taste of how nice big natural boobs are with the kind of skin she has. That’s some good visual for just a finger session, or should we say Bible Study?

That’s what this naughty teen wants to call it and if spending such religious hours mean a study group with benefits, we’ll all surely go to church more often.

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