Giving Girls Money for Sex

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If you ask a gym instructor which machine you should use at the gym which will impress women the most, he’ll likely direct you towards the ATM machine. Women love money. Well, let’s be fair and say, whores love money and value nothing else above it. When they’re young, they get addicted to the lifestyle of taking cash for sex until eventually they’re all busted and dried out and need to start thinking about developing values late in life. Here’s a list of videos showing those very same girls in their prime, the ones that will trade their bodies for money. It’s all legal btw, you can pay a girl to do porn, but you cant pay for unfilmed sex. We live in fucked up times.

$6000 for a Redhead to Show her Ass

Is any ass worth six grand? I’d say not. Maybe a celebrity ass, like Kylie Jenner or something. But this random amateur Redhead? I’d say the dude got ripped off, but hopefully he made the cash back showing this girls ass to the internet.

Beach Babes Masturbate and Suck Dick for Money

If you’re a hot babe sitting around the beach working on your tan and someone comes up to you with an opportunity to make some quick cash rather then spending your time lazing around the beach you’d be stupid not to take it right? I guess if you don’t have morals the answer would be “yes” and fortunately for us these girls don’t have morals. What they do have are nice pussies though.

Wife Fucks for Money while husband is Drunk

Ladies, if your husband is a lousy drunk like this guy is, and you’re tethered to a marriage you might as well fuck for money if the opportunity arises. Hell, you should probably do it for free because you know you aint getting satisfied from a drunks sterile cock.

Sit on the Sex Chair, and Win a Prize!

You don’t get to see him give her money on camera but in the full video he does. She gets paid to sit on a glory hole chair with her pants off. Pretty creative stuff!

Homeless Girl fucks for Money

Beggars can’t be choosers! This down and out homeless babe has no options in life so a kind gentleman offers her some soup to warm her up and over a light lunch asks if she’d like to earn some cash by coming over to his hotel and take care of his sexual needs for a week in exchange for some cash.  It’s her lucky break!

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