6 Celebrity Sex Tape Videos Right Here

It’s not easy becoming a celebrity. Before you make it, if you make it, you have to take on whatever jobs you can to survive because “part-time actor” doesn’t come with social security or a medical plan. Heck, it hardly pays the bills.

In light of that, there are a lot of celebrities who’re household named today who, before they made it big had to make ends meet just like everyone else and slipped into the porn scene.

Here are the top 6 celebrities that pretty much everyone will know, who did a porn video before their acting career kicked off.

1. Cameron Diaz Sex Tape

This one came as a shocker to me. I grew up with Cameraon Diaz and love her acting skills. My favorite was Jim Carreys love interest in ‘The Mask”. She’s a big time celebrity, but before making it too part in a pretty softcore porn video where you get to see her tits, ass and shaved pussy. Apparently after she made it in Hollywood, she tried desperately to remove the video from the internet, but that’s just not how the internet works.

2. Sylvester Stallone – The Party at Kitty and Stud’s

I honestly hate posting this because I respect Mr. Stallone as an actor and as an entrepreneur. He’s the classic example of someone who went from rags to riches. He was so poor before filming Rocky that he had to sell his dog to make ends meet (he later bought the dog back). At one point, when he finished writing Rocky, a Hollywood producer offered him $200,000 for the script, but he declined and went on to hustle and produce it himself, a decision that got him out of his dire situation and into the role of being one of the biggest superstars the world has ever known. You have to respect this man. Now, I have a job to do and here’s a porn video he acted in before he made it to the big leagues. (I’m sorry Mr. Stallone. I <3 you)

3. Dustin Diamond (Screech) from Saved by the Bell

Yes, the nerd from Saved by the Bell did a porn. But in this case, it was filmed by him, after he was already a star (obviously). I guess when you get all that money and fame at a young age it can propel you down the shallow road of paying for hookers and doing drugs, never really having had to earn or work for your status you don’t know how to use it properly. This one i don’t mind posting, because Screech was already set and famous when he made the decision to film this sex tape.

4. Paris Hilton Sex Tape

Another celebrity sex tape that i feel absolutely no shame or guilt posting on the internet. Hilton was already set for life having been born into the Hilton family (Hilton Hotels). Her family has an immense amount of wealth already and so this sex tape didn’t come to be due to needing to make ends meet in pursuit of her dreams, it was just Paris fucking in a hotel room. In fact, some say she made the sex tape on purpose to get her name out there into the public eye. So, here you Paris.

5. Verne Troyer Sex Tape

I don’t have much info on this one, it seems innocent enough. Yeah, Dr. Evils mini me was in a porn. I’m not sure if it was before or after his stardom from Austin Powers but either way it doesn’t really matter because it appears to be self shot, for personal use only, there’s nothing wrong with that because he wasn’t doing it for the money. Kudos to him for fucking a fully grown woman though!


6. Arnold Schwarzenegger – After Dark Gay Porn magazine

In 1977, before becoming Mr. Olympia or The Terminator, our beloved Governator starred in a few gay porn shoots for a magazine called “After Dark”. Here are a few pics from that magazine showcasing Mr. Schwarzeneggers schlong.

There you have it, a big ol list of the top celebrity porn videos (and some pics) that can be found on the internet. Hope you got your fill for celebrity porn for the day, be sure to come back again to check out more of PornVirals popular posts!

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