Natalia Nemchinova Predicts Score (Then Sucks 2 Dicks)

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There’s no doubt in anyone’s’ mind that Natalia Nemchinova is a glittering Russian babe with looks that would convert a priest, but could she also have a 6th sense for looking into the future?

Probably not, but she did predict the outcome of the Russia VS Spain tennis match just a few hours before the game. Her exact words translated into English were “We will end up with penalties” which is exactly what happened.

If you don’t know Natalia Nemchinova, she’s an ex Tennis star, withher last price earning her a little over $17,000 USD. So maybe she used her tennis intuition rather than psychic powers for this prediction.

Another fun little tid bit about the ex tennis player is that she’s openly into porn. So much so that she’s starred in one. In this video we can see how her game is shuffling two birdies instead of one. Pretty spot on actually.

It’s fun watching professional sports players express their wild side in the ancient art of pornography, what’d you think of Natalia’s porn video? Tell everyone below!

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