Worst Anal Sex Toys Insertion Stories

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Have you ever tried anal sex before?

If not, then what are your reasons— are you scared or embarrassed? Or maybe you just can’t find a partner who would do it with you? 

Well, they say that anal sex can bring pleasure to both women and men (it doesn’t matter if they’re straight or not.)

With girls, receiving some “love behind” can help you stimulate your G-spot by hitting the right spot on the walls dividing your rectum and vagina. 

As for men, their P-spot can be easily stimulated using some anal toys

However, there can be horror stories that revolve around this topic as some individuals have experienced unfortunate incidents while trying this sex act. 

We’re only human so it’s normal to feel uncomfortable about something that is new to us. 

With that said, we have here some scary stories involving anal toy insertion. We do hope that these things will never happen to you so we also prepared some safety tips in the latter part of this article.

So without further ado, brace yourselves because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. 

The boy had poor aim

holding a butt plug


A couple tried playing with a butt plug. 

It was all fun until… 

It got stuck!

They were in the doggy style position and unluckily he had a poor aim thrusting at the wrong hole. As a result, the butt plug was pushed inside her bum hole

Luckily, his girlfriend was able to poop it out in the bathroom. The only good thing about the incident is they’re both cool about it and eventually laugh it out.

For sure that would be an awesome inside joke for the couple – literally “inside.”

What a mess!

Here’s another couple that miscalculated their anal escapades

One night they decided to have additional fun by using a butt plug and a vibrating cock ring. Although the girl was hesitant about butt stuff, she still goes along with it because her boyfriend loves being adventurous. 

Everything went as planned – including the pleasure part. However, when it was time to get the butt plug out, the girl’s “number two” was all over the place. You know what that means – it was certainly a disgusting mess!

Luckily for the girl, her boyfriend just laughed about the whole gross stuff. 

The tale of the missing dildo

dildo pushed too far


A lot of adventurous couples have a story to tell about their anal experiences. However, this one went beyond!

A man had some butt sex fun with his girlfriend – but this time she’s going to do him. She tied him up, poured a nice amount of lube on a huge dildo and pushed it in!

Did we mention that he was gagged?

It was painful and took too long to be pushed all the way. But since he cannot communicate through the gag, his girlfriend continued doing her thing.

He writhed and writhed until…

All of a sudden the sex toy somehow got twisted and disappeared. 

They had to rush to the hospital and a cop pulled them over because of overspeeding. Good thing the cop was understanding that he helped them get medical care right away. 

Now, that was intense!

Tips in avoiding anal toy insertion problems

There are a lot of things that could happen if you don’t do your research thoroughly before trying butt plays

Remember that the following are only tips. If something wrong happens, never hesitate on seeking help from medical professionals right away.

Choose a toy with a flared base

You wouldn’t want your sex toy to be stuck up your butt, would you? 

It’s best if you buy an anal toy that has a large enough base not to be pushed up your sphincter. 

Or if possible, you can choose something that has a ring or a string. That can help for easy removal and you’d save yourself from an embarrassing trip to the ER!

Pooping out would not do any help because unlike your vaginal canal, your butt canal doesn’t end. Instead of pushing the object out, it might suck it up and lead it to your colon. 

Choose a toy with body-safe materials

Since you will be inserting it in a sensitive part of your body, it’s best to purchase anal toys that are made of tempered glass, stainless steel, or silicone. 

Those types can be easily cleaned by using soap and water. You can even boil them if you like. 

Anal sex can be fun if you have the know-how and the right toys to play with. Take note that there are anal toys for men and women, so enjoy!


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